Every year, PNC Bank releases the cost of the list of items mentioned in the classic Christmas carol, “The 12 Days of Christmas.” PNC’s Christmas Price Index, a lighthearted take on the federal government’s Consumer Price Index, rose 0.6 percent this year, primarily because of price increases for pear trees, more demand for gold rings and lords-a-leaping getting substantial salary raises.

The 2017 total comes in at slightly less than $35,000.

The real 12 days of Christmas take place between Dec. 25 and Jan. 6, the Epiphany. However, the commercial calendar encourages the fallacy that the period ends on Christmas Day and begins on Dec. 14.

While we didn’t have great luck finding maids a-milking or pipers piping, a quick trip around St. Simons Island located some modern iterations (or substitutes) for the items in the song.

Unfortunately, along with the maids and pipers, the swans a-swimming and drummers drumming will just have to wait until next year. Merry Christmas!