Now that the doldrums of winter have passed, nearly everyone’s living spaces could use a lift. Much of that can be accomplished by bringing natural elements into the home, including plants and flowers, natural materials, art that reflects nature, and illuminating living spaces with natural light. Color, however, has an awful lot to do with how a room feels, and green, with its many shades, tops the list.

Green is reminiscent of grass and leaves and often associated with springtime, growth, and nature. It’s perceived to signify new life and freshness and it evokes calmness and hope.

The designers at Pierce and Parker Interiors, on St. Simons Island, all have their favorite shades of green and coordinating fabrics, wall coverings and accessories that bring the color to the forefront.

Moss green is Lori Harden’s favorite shade of green. The hue ranges from dark to light, and can have yellow tone, as evidenced in her favorite fabrics, Schumacher Dogwood Leaf and Schumacher Gingko Embroidery Leaf.

“I love these floral prints because they are fresh, beautiful and bring the outdoors in,” Harden said.

Her preferred accent is Schumacher Twiggy Paper Weave Leaf, which also reflects her choice of moss green.

“I love the texture in this paper weave wallpaper, and how it features a lovely botanical silhouette pattern,” she said.

Carson Jones is a big fan of sage green, as pictured in the green and white ginger jar from Legends of Asia.

“It’s a soft color,” she said.

Her favorite fabrics that feature sage green include Bowood White Leaf from Cowtan & Tout and Hollyhock in grey/sage from Lee Jofa.

“These fabrics are beautiful because of their classic and timeless look,” said Jones. “These can complement any room (and) different color palettes.”

When it comes to art, Jones’ go-to is the botanical wall art from Wendover Art Group.

“I love using these because they add a touch of life to the home,” she said. “They are an eye-catching focal point and can be used year round.”

Emerald Green, like the shade found in the Visual Comfort Eerdmans Table Lamp in Celtic Green Crackle, catches Julie Willis’ eye.

Favorite patterns include Thibaut Ming Trail, which reminds Willis of the traditional chinoiserie fretwork she has used in past projects. She also loves Thibaut Palm Frond.

“Everyone loves a green fern,” she said. “This is such a beautiful look for a coastal home.”

The Lotus Garden pillow in jade from Ryan Studio is also a great accent piece, she said.

“I love this pillow because birds and florals are back in,” said Willis. “I love how rich in emerald green color this is. A great pop of color for any room.”

Brenda Regan is the newest designer at Pierce & Parker Interiors, and she favors sage green.

“Thibaut Cape May Weave in sage green is my go-to color way for projects,” she said.

Her textile picks are Sea Mist by Lee Jofa, because of the peaceful feel its blues and greens create.

Natural textures are the perfect canvas for green accents.

“Lee Industries’ Townsend Ivy pairs will well with other natural woods, sisals and accents in the room,” Regan said.

Another way to bring nature indoors is to display art that reflects the environment.

Mary Anderson, of Anderson Fine Art Gallery, also on St. Simons Island, shared some tips and tricks for choosing the right art for your home. The first thing to do, no matter what type of painting is being chosen, is to do your homework.

“Look at different types of paintings – forms, styles and make note of what you like,” she said. “Don’t depend on others, trust your instinct. This is a very personal decision.”

Anderson said not to overlook what your budget will allow, and what you will love.

Traditional landscapes are Anderson’s No. 1 seller and are a great way to bring the outdoors into a home. Local views are also popular. Surprisingly seascapes, harbors and beach scenes rank in the bottom half, popularity-wise, for her gallery.

“Buy wisely, something that you feel an emotional response to and makes you think,” she said. “It should bring back happy associations and memories.”