When it comes to choosing a home, many people look beyond the structural integrity and size of the lot.

And that makes things easy for real estate brokers in the Golden Isles.

Selling points for homes in the Golden Isles include two airports, beaches, historic sites, a wide selection of restaurants, close proximity to Interstate 95 and great weather year round. Quality schools, world-class golf courses, sidewalks, lighting, recreational areas and the slower pace of life are other considerations luring people to Glynn County.

LeAnn Duckworth, president and broker of Duckworth Properties, said when customers are looking at homes available on the market, they are looking at the size of the lot, exterior condition and interior features.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has been a major factor in the high demand for property in the Golden Isles. Many new buyers have been working from home since the pandemic broke out earlier this year and they realize they can work from anywhere in the country. And many are choosing to move here.

“A lot of folks want an extra bedroom for office space,” she said.

One of the high-demand features, which may be an indication of where many new residents are coming from, is the high demand from customers seeking gas stoves, she said. Many homes in the Northeast and Midwest have gas stoves.

Customers considering a home in a community with a homeowners association typically want to read the covenant guidelines before they commit to a purchase, she said.

Homeowner association regulations vary from community to community and may include rules that prohibit renting the property, restrict certain types of landscaping, limit the number of vehicles on the property, and restrict the types of pets allowed and if they have to be on a leash.

Covenants typically also cover noise complaints, exterior storage, exterior design changes, and limits on the types of waste that can be thrown in community dumpsters. Some may even have restrictions on how elaborate a home can be decorated for the Christmas holidays.

There may be a lot of rules, but the advantage of living in a community with a homeowners association is home values typically benefit from the uniform maintenance of the property. And, many HOAs provide amenities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, a gym, clubhouse and security.

Association boards will also mediate disputes between neighbors for property-related issues such as noise, pet problems and other regulations that may have been broken.

Duckworth said there are new homes being built in the Golden Isles but they are being bought as soon as they are completed.

New home construction is planned in the Golden Isles, and customers may have an opportunity to help determine the interior floor plans if they meet with a developer early on. The biggest advantage of buying a new home is the warranty that comes with it.

“You have to submit a set of plans,” she said. “Every one is different.”