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Mary-Bryan Peyer

Mary-Bryan Peyer Designs

“Whenever I upholster or reupholster a piece of furniture, I immediately think about its purpose in a home. Children, grands and pets are usually the culprits of over worn fabrics. Luckily for all of us fabric manufacturers have found the golden key! “Outdoor” fabrics have never been so prevalent, durable and as beautiful. These fabrics have water-proof, stain resistant and even sunlight protecting qualities that will make your investment last for years to come.”

Elizabeth Smith Pipe

Elizabeth M. Smith Interiors

“White linen, any good quality brand.”

Leslie Sutton

Sutton Interiors, LLC

“If you’re re-doing an old piece and refurbishing it to its former glory, then I’d want to use a luxurious silk or linen from Anna French or Vervain. If you’re redoing an old piece and having fun with it – maybe painting the wooden frame white – I’d use a performance fabric (indoor/outdoor). There are so many more wonderful patterns and textures to choose from than in the past. I like Crypton which repels red wine (never a bad thing) from Kravat or Thibaut.”


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Adrian Johnson and Bethany Vann

Johnson Vann Interiors

“We love to freshen up an old piece with a bright, fresh print from Quadrille fabrics … though sometimes a crisp white slipcover fits the bill too, too!”


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Lindsey Spearman

L. Spearman, LLC

“I love recovering old furniture in a stain-resistant Crypton fabric. I admire the look of linen, but it just isn’t practical raising two young children and living on the coast. So many wonderful companies have their own Crypton fabric line and I gravitate towards neutral textured fabrics for upholstery while bringing in color and pattern with pillows and accessories.”


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Valarie Zeh

Valarie Britz Interior Design

“One of my go-tos is a Belgian linen. I love to make slip covers for old upholstery to give it new life as well as the flexibility of cleaning, especially when used in a beach house. The other is a performance velvet. It has all of the drama and elegance of a silk velvet but the durability of a performance fabric, which means stain resistant and fade resistant. These two selections are of the extremes like many clients are, and cover the spectrum from cottage beach style to mid-century modern. Also offering a wide variety of color choices. My go-to in upholstery fabric is mostly a solid to leave plenty of flexibility to adjust color schemes throughout the longevity of the upholstered piece.”


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Marla Melnyk

Mary-Bryan Peyer Designs

“When reupholstering furniture I look for fabrics that have a tight weave, a high Wyzenbeek rating and it’s always a bonus when they are stain repellant. A favorite line that checks all those boxes is Perennials.”