Preparing for Christmas means getting one’s home ready – all decked out in its holiday best – in anticipation of the holiday. There is simply something about this season that makes most people long for the sensory experiences the holidays bring – the aromas of freshly cut pine and other botanicals, baked goods and spice; ornaments, highlighted by twinkling lights strung on Christmas trees, the glow of candlelight and firelight and the sound of Christmas tunes playing ever-so-softly throughout the house.

David Lowe and Chris Triplett, owners of Edward on St. Simons, in Redfern Village, share Christmas decorating tips that will please even the pickiest homeowner, and wow all their holiday guests.

1. The style of your home dictates any theme – contemporary demands the same, but traditional red/green/gold/silver can’t be beat.

2. Fresh flower arrangements need the water changed often – at least every two days – and kept in a cool area with no heat


3. For fresh tree longevity, make sure you have a fresh cut and once in the tree stand use boiling hot water for the first drink. Hot water opens the pores of the woody trunk pulling water up into the tree guaranteeing a long lasting fresh Christmas tree.

4. Mantels and dining tables are a must and kitchen islands and staircase railings are great focal points. The chandelier in a great room is an awesome focal point when embellished with garland and ribbons.

5. Any public space should have a touch of decor right down to the powder room adorned with a small arrangement, wreath or garland hanging over the mirror.

6. Adding family mementos - childhood handmade ornaments, grandpas shaving brush or grandma’s costume jewelry - can be made into ornaments and easily incorporated in any theme tree.