The first piece of wicker furniture landed in America in 1620 on the Mayflower and has been a treasured element of our décor ever since. Wicker had peaks in popularity during the Arts and Crafts Movement in the early 1900s, and again in the 1960s, and still endures as a favorite way to bring a tropical flair to a beach home or add a natural element to any home.

Three local designers, Mary-Bryan Peyer of Mary-Bryan Peyer Designs, Adrian Cate of Johnson Vann Interiors and Gina D'Amico Lever of The Home Fabric Studio share a few ways they bring wicker into their designs.

“Natural woven materials are fantastic fits in any style of house or room as they are ‘neutral’ partners that can blend in seamlessly,” says Mary-Bryan. “Of course, there are many body styles and finishes, from traditional to contemporary, but the natural weaves are generally soft on the eyes and make perfect counterparts to all design aesthetics. The texture of adding just a bit of natural elements often adds a bit of a casualness that offers a sophistication that goes beyond the coast. It’s timeless.”

Wicker, rattan and cane are fantastic for dining chairs as they are resilient to stain and overall daily wear. We often use outdoor-graded wicker/rattan for interior use for their high durability. Replacing loose cushions and small upholstery on them is economical and convenient when needed. Love these wicker dining chairs mixed with gorgeous upholstered host chairs and custom dining bench.

“We love incorporating wicker, rattan and bamboo into our projects because it has an instant island allure,” says Adrian Cate. “It’s the epitome of casual elegance. We played up the island vibe in this home office by mixing the antique Brighton pavilion bamboo chair with the green bamboo trellis print wallpaper. Let’s make work feel like a vacay every day!

We also paired this perfect island bench with a blue trellis wallpaper in our client’s beach house foyer,” adds Cate. It gives an instant summer vibe year round and makes a happy home for sure!

“I love using natural elements in my design and décor projects,” says Gina Lever. “It not only helps blend clients’ furniture and accessories, but can add a layer of texture for a lived in appeal. It can also accentuate a coastal vibe and/or vintage island style a client may be going for. I especially like vintage or older wicker and rattan. The quality is usually unmatched to anything new. I also find that it can be incorporated into just about anyone’s style.

For example, this client’s library is filled with wonderful art and artifacts. I accentuated the look with an antique cane bench and it’s paired with a cane accent arm chair. These items, coupled with the client’s old and new items, makes for a great example of blending design styles.

Amanda Lindroth debuts new home collection: Island-inspired classic designs

Amanda Lindroth, based in Lyford Cay, Bahamas, with shops Charleston, S.C., and Palm Beach, Fla., recently launched the Amanda Lindroth Home Collection, essentials for gracious living. Throughout Lindroth’s work, the focus is on on breezy sophistication and vibrant layers of texture and color – the hallmarks of inviting spaces to host family and friends. The collection include furnishings and incredible tabletop with wrapped glassware, trays, hurricanes and lanterns that can be found in local shops, such as Two Friends and The Vine.

Sarah Bartholomew debuts a wicker furniture collection for Mainly Baskets Home

Celebrated Nashville, Tenn.-based designer, Sarah Bartholomew, debuts a wicker furniture collection for Mainly Baskets Home dubbed the Cape Collection, a series of timeless furnishings inspired by coastal towns of the Northeast. The woven designs are warm, inviting and classic and embody Sarah’s signature fresh take on traditional style, paired with Mainly Baskets Home’s quintessential hand-woven craft. The extensive collection of tables, ottomans, sofas, chairs and lamps can be pre-ordered through local designers including, Pierce & Parker Interiors, Johnson Vann Interiors, Elizabeth M. Smith Interiors and more.