Worker joining click lock vinyl floor plank covering at home renovation. Man laying PVC-floor. Craftsman installing new laminated wooden floor on blue acoustic thermal flooring underlayment.

After people purchase a home, the first major investment in home improvement is new flooring.

When it comes to options, there is a wide range to consider, including vinyl, tile, laminate, engineered hardwood and carpet.

Michael Hackney, sales manager for Brunswick Floors, said the hot seller in the Golden Isles is currently luxury vinyl plank flooring.

“It’s very easy to install,” he said. “It’s very easy for do-it-yourselfers.”

While it’s relatively easy, installing new flooring is time-consuming. Hackney said Brunswick Floor has the trained staff to install luxury vinyl plank flooring for an entire home in three to four days, depending on the material.

“We prefer to do the work,” he said.

What makes luxury vinyl flooring so popular is that it is thicker, has better sound-blocking properties and feels softer underfoot than standard vinyl flooring. It is also very affordable, durable and easy to maintain.

Vinyl floor options include waterproof SPC rigid core vinyl, vinyl sheets, wood-look vinyl planks, stone-look vinyl tiles and decorative vinyl flooring.

While luxury vinyl plank flooring is the hot commodity right now, there are plenty of other options when it comes to flooring.

Tile flooring is still a popular choice because it is waterproof and can be used in any room. It is known for its durability, and ease of installation and cleaning.

Laminate flooring is made to imitate solid hardwood but at a lower cost. New water-resistant laminate flooring can mimic the look of real wood – right down to variations in color among the planks.

Engineered hardwood is a low-maintenance, affordable alternative to solid hardwood flooring. It has the look of real wood with the benefits of being water-resistant.

Carpeting, however, is not a popular option in the Golden Isles, Hackney said. And when it is installed, people prefer low-pile indoor-outdoor carpeting. One new development is carpet with a plastic finish on the bottom which prevents spills from leaking into the carpet pad and subsequently onto the floor beneath.

Another trend is the decision by many homeowners is to replace all their existing tile flooring at once with new tile, all of the same color.

“People like one singular floor throughout the house,” he said.

The one exception is the master bathroom, where many will choose a more traditional look.

Another option among young homeowners is eco-friendly flooring made from recycled materials.

Like many business of selling products for home improvements, Hackney said there are challenges getting some inventory from warehouses in a timely manner. And every two months, or so, there is another price adjustment.

“We’ve been experiencing increases in trucking,” he said.

If the product is in stock, he said it takes three to four days for delivery. Out of stock times for a popular product such as luxury vinyl plank flooring can take as long as six to eight weeks for delivery, he said.