There is no quicker or easier way to add a dash of color, boost your mood, improve the appearance of your surroundings or freshen the air than adding fresh flowers and greenery to your environment.

Florists, of course, are the go-to source not only for pre-made arrangements, but for fresh-cut flowers as well. Some, like Edward on St. Simons, will take your order over the phone and place the arrangement outside their door. There are also good alternatives to be found at grocery stores and in your own backyard.

Custom-made floral arrangements are the bee’s knees, but arranging your own flowers is easy and fun if you follow the steps of interior designer Elaine Griffin.

With social distancing still a thing, it’s important to keep your home cheery and fresh. Vases full of brightly colored flowers can do wonders for your mood and your house.

“Don’t deprive yourself,” said Griffin. “Anything you put in a vase becomes beautiful.”

Flowers that are easy to arrange and easy to find include alstroemeria and peonies. And don’t count out making an arrangement solely out of greenery, like palmettos or philodendron, which should be “sculptural” and looks great on a mantle.

“Green plant sales are up 60 percent,” said Griffin. “We’re home all the time, and it’s up to us to make our homes look nice. Nothing says happy like fresh plants and bouquets.”

Griffin maintains that anyone with a pair of clippers can head to their backyard and put together amazing floral arrangements.

Don’t let the idea of arranging flowers in a container overwhelm you. Every arrangement begins as a hand-bouquet, and following the instructions to the right will give every arrangement a tremendous shape. The arrangement and the vase should complement each other, rather than competing for attention.

“The drama has to be in the flowers or in the containers," Griffin said.