The peak time for local real estate sales typically ends around Georgia-Florida weekend, but the slowdown has nothing to do with the annual game in Jacksonville.

Realtor Roland Daniel, owner of Roland Daniel Properties, said spring and summer are the busy seasons for real estate sales in the Golden Isles.

One reason is the start of the school year and the upcoming holiday season, he said.

But, over the past decade, Daniel said there has been a “winter market” for home sales that cranks up around mid-February to the beginning of March.

The slowdown in sales enables real estate brokers to catch their breaths after a busy peak season, and Daniel said they continue to work, but at a less hectic pace.

“We fine tune our marketing plan and work budgets for the next year,” he said. “We also begin to think about who we’d like to offer a desk to as end of the year typically marks a time when agents would be looking to make a change.”

It’s also the time for brokers to take advantage of the many training opportunities available year-round through the Golden Isles Association of Realtors. Daniel said at least one training course is offered each month throughout the year.

The slowdown in sales doesn’t mean they grind to a halt, though it is more difficult to sell a home when people aren’t in the market to buy one.

Daniel said it’s a good time for people to fix and repair things that down’t work well. He suggested making the front door and hardware look fresh.

“Do a deep clean, inside and out,” he said. “Declutter. Most importantly, listen to your Realtor about what pricing your home will bring. Overpriced homes sit on the market too long.”

He said reality TV shows about selling homes doesn’t help the cause.

“Sellers and buyers watch too much reality TV real estate shows,” he said. “Let me use ‘ain’t’ for emphasis; it ain’t reality!”

Daniel said the positive trend in real estate sales has continues this year.

“The year has been about as good as last year,” he said. “Things are going strong here.”

Realtor Leann Duckworth, president of Duckworth Properties, said sales typically slow down this time of year, but it has been another good year for sales.

“We’ve still got a lot of good activity,” she said. “We’re still steady.”

Duckworth said it’s the time of year when she starts planning the budget and advertising for the upcoming year.

“During the holidays we get a little breather,” she said.

Sales will pick up in late winter in what Duckworth said she hopes is another strong year in sales.

“I’d like to see another year like this over and over,” she said. “Hopefully, we’ll have another four good years.”