Ce Ce Brown

Name: Cece Glavin Bowen

Family: I have been married to my college sweetheart, Doug Bowen, for five years now. We have six boys between us, ranging from the ages of 20 to 27 years old!

Years in the Golden Isles: We bought our St. Simons home in October 2019 and after a renovation, we moved in February 2020.

School: I went to high school at the American School in London, England, and Greenwich High School in Connecticut. Graduated from Boston College with a degree in psychology/management and a minor in communications. Received my certification in staging from the Atlanta Staging and Decorating Guild in 2018.

Occupation: Business owner of a staging and decorating business named Transform Your Interiors.

Who or what inspired you to start Transform Your Interiors: My mom was really who inspired me to start my own staging business. While growing up, we moved every few years from the East Coast, West Coast and to Europe, and she always did an amazing job of taking a house and making it into a home for our family of nine. I grew up seeing how her decorating was influenced by where we were currently living. It was a lot of continuous change with her decorating a new house then regrouping to prepare the house to sell. Through all the moves, I learned from her how powerful it is to be a person who can adjust quickly to change. In the past, my careers were in the sales and trade marketing fields, which really taught me how to highlight features, benefits and to sell to a specific target market. With all of that training, I finally decided to explore my true passion for decorating and by combining all of these traits together, I took the leap of starting my own business and finding the job that brings joy to me every day.

How would you describe your design style: My design style has really evolved throughout my adulthood. In my early years, I was influenced by a traditional style while renovating our first home in Darien, Conn., that was built in 1891. Once we moved to San Luis Obispo, Calif., my traditional style started to slowly change, and I brought in a lighter, coastal palette. Living there for 20 years, I evolved and embraced the lifestyle and my home became a reflection of the crisp, clean, comfortable style that surrounded me and mirrored all the colors in the ocean. After moving to Atlanta, I started to bring in more of a contemporary style mixed with the coastal palette which is really what we have mirrored here in our house in St. Simons.

What are some of the biggest challenges of being a small business owner? I think the biggest challenge is that I am a one-man show and I wear so many different hats. The advantage of that is that it gives me such a great opportunity to give every customer my own personal attention. I have the ability to be in constant contact with Realtors and homeowners to foster their trust and confidence in my work. I also have the flexibility to work my own hours during the week and weekends which allows me to go the extra mile. I am personally invested in every house that I stage and am building a relationship with the Realtor and client throughout the entire staging process.

Favorite landmark in Golden Isles: I am such a kid at heart, that I just love a good ole fashion scavenger hunt, looking for the tree spirits. When we first visited the island, I got on my bike and went exploring to find them all. Being around so many Spanish Oaks in St. Simons, makes me feel so grounded, and having art be a part of them is just amazing!