Family: Married to Joel Willis Jr., and daughters are Mary Benton, 7, and Caroline, 5.

Years in the Golden Isles: On and off since 1989. School: I went to Virginia Episcopal School for high school in Lynchburg, Va., and University of Georgia. Who or what inspired you to be become an interior designer: I would have to say my parents inspired me to become a designer. I think I got an eye for it from my dad ... I remember him always moving things around the house and asking my opinion. He loves antiques and art. He taught me at a young age to appreciate beautiful things and to take care of them. He always said, “it’s quality not quantity.” That has always stuck with me in many areas of my life. Your style in five words: Unexpected, colorful, eclectic and casual. Favorite landmark in the Golden Isles: The Cloister is my favorite landmark in the Golden Isles because of a lifetime of memories there! Everything from bingo, Jeep train rides, children’s dance party, egg hunting, Christmas Eve, and the list goes on and on. It was a sad but exciting time when they tore down the old hotel and built the new. I hope my girls will have the same special memories In the new hotel like I did in the old. A local you admire: I admire so many locals but someone in particular comes to mind, Julie Rowland. She has been my covenant group leader for around eight years. She has not only been my friend but my support system through all of my ups and downs. I admire her love for the Lord, and with that love she started a company called Pillow Grace. Pillow Grace is a custom pillow and linen company with scriptures to remind us all of God’s love. Describe a perfect Saturday for you in the Golden Isles: One of my family’s favorite things to do on a Saturday is walk around the village. My girls love to explore all of the fun eclectic shops, the playground, and pier. We of course have to end the night at CJs. Share a few favorite fabric collections, paint colors and go-to items for design on the coast: I have always loved mixing old and new while designing. That’s what gives your home character and tells a story. I also love beautiful textiles. Some of my favorites are Schumacher, Cowtan and Tout, Galbraith and Paul, and Thibaut, which we use a lot at Pierce & Parker.