Regan, Brenda Pierce & Parker.jpg

Name: Brenda Hart Regan

Family: My husband Tim and I live with our 8-year-old Great Pyrenees, Charlie. We have kids and grandkids in Montana, Arizona and California.

Years in the Golden Isles: I grew up in Statesboro and have great memories of summer vacations on Jekyll Island. This began my love of the Golden Isles at an early age, and in 2005, we finally bought a vacation home on St. Simons. After years of fun vacations and celebrations with friends and family, we moved here from Dawsonville in 2018.

School: Studied business at Georgia Southern University and a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Interior Design from Brenau University.

Occupation: Designer at Pierce and Parker

Describe the perfect Saturday spent in the Golden Isles: When I’m not working at Pierce and Parker, I love spending Saturday paddle-boarding, walking Charlie on the beach at Gould’s Inlet, eating brunch at Coastal Kitchen or Palm Coast, and working in my garden.

What are your favorite aspects of living in Coastal Georgia? I love the warm weather and beautiful landscapes that can be enjoyed year round. One of the main reasons that we moved back to coastal Georgia was to be closer to family and that has been a great blessing. There’s a rich history here and I’m learning more about it every day. I’m always taking pictures of sunsets, birds, wildlife, flowers and the family of ducks that live in the lake behind our house.

How would you describe your design style? Transitional best describes my design style. I began with an appreciation for traditional southern antiques. Now I love to mix in textures with rattan, grasscloth or a cowhide rug. Every room needs a bit of sparkle, whether it’s a mirror, a glass top side table, or a great light fixture.

What are a couple of styles that you hope never make a comeback? Wood paneling was throughout the ranch style home I grew up in and I recently renovated that house. I couldn’t wait to update the walls with a fresh coat of paint to brighten the space. The house instantly felt lighter and more open. Also, wallpaper borders are often what people think of when you say wallpaper. There are so many beautiful grass cloth and hand-painted variations of textured wall coverings today, but we never need to bring back borders.

What are some of your biggest inspirations? I draw inspiration from nature. The colors in a sunrise or sunset are great examples of ways to blend hues together in a room. I love to use birds, water, and landscapes to create a peaceful, serene focal point in a space. I also get inspiration from clients as they describe a favorite heirloom piece or how they use their outdoor rooms. This is usually my starting point for creating the perfect sanctuary for them.