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Caroline Weidhaas

Family: Mother, Amy Weidhaas; father, Jim Weidhaas; brother, JD Weidhaas

Occupation: Event designer for Sea Island Resorts

Years in the Golden Isles: 26 — I’m a born and raised Golden Isles girl! When I moved away for college, I missed our little slice of heaven so much that I moved right back after graduation. I’m so lucky to call this beautiful place home!

School: Glynn Academy, University of Georgia

A local you admire (and why): Easy! Sandra Delaney. I worked for Sandra at her store, The Yellow Canary, throughout high school and during breaks from college. During those eight years of my life, Sandra taught me so much about business and how to work hard, but also about life and love. Sandra is a fierce friend – just ask her customers who stop by the store just to sit on the infamous couch and catch up! She is one amazing #bosslady who I hope to be like when I grow up (if I ever let that happen)!

What is one thing that every visitor must do before leaving the Golden Isles? Chill out on the upstairs porch of Brogen’s South. Take in the ocean views while listening to live music and enjoying some classic grub.

Describe your perfect Saturday: Picture this. You’re sitting on the beach – sun on your skin, toes in the sand, salt in your hair, cold brew in hand. Your favorite music is playing through the speaker, and all your best people are singing along. You finally beat your dad in corn hole. That’s my perfect Saturday.

Tell us about a favorite moment at one of your events: There’s so many ... it’s hard to choose just one! So instead, I’ll tell you my favorite moment at every event. We call it the “room reveal” – when our clients enter their event space for the first time and see everything brought to life! Their reactions make all the hard work totally worth it!

What is your favorite landmark in the Golden Isles? The Golden Ray – just kidding! The F.J. Torras Causeway. I love driving over those bridges – while the sun is setting, with my windows down, taking in that salt air. Somehow ... still, after 26 years, I can’t get over that view. Each time I drive that causeway, I know I’m home.