Edward Armstrong


Family: My St. Simons friends Years in Golden Isles: 39 Occupation: Floral designer; I work at Edward on St. Simons, which is owned by David Lowe and Chris Triplett. What is your favorite thing to do in the Golden Isles: Taking advantage of the beach and enjoying all our great restaurants. Who or what inspired you to become a floral designer: My great-grandmother, Maybelle Pughsully – she had a southern cutting garden and always had fresh flowers in her home. A local you admire: How can I name just one? There are so many friends and leaders of our community that have influenced my life here. I think the Golden Isles vibe is what I admire the most. How would you describe your style: Southern, creative, imaginative, colorful, and elegant Favorite landmark in the Golden Isles: The Lighthouse – It has been a constant source of peace for me. How do you incorporate coastal elements in your floral designs: I love adding touches of Spanish moss, palmetto fronds, and other native flora to my creations!