Knight, Mary

Name: Mary Knight


Husband of 33 years, Ernie Knight, owner of Floor Decor; father, Mark Packard owner and creator of Café Frederica; and children, Brittney Knight, working with Restoration Imports, and Ryan Knight, working with Floor Decor, running our granite and stone fabrication shop.

Years in the Golden Isles:

Since 1981


Glynn Academy, BBI, Bible Baptist Institute


Owner and creator of Restoration Imports and Floor Decor.

Favorite landmark in the Golden Isles:

Sidney Lanier Bridge. I start every day with a walk along the beach with the bridge in my background. When I get home from work I relax with the sunset over the Sidney Lanier Bridge.

What is one thing every visitor must do before leaving the Golden Isles?

Stop by Restoration Imports to find rare and unique finds, but also for a fun experience with the showroom and team!

Who/what inspired you to open Restoration Imports? I started Seaside Home 11 years ago in one-third of the building we are in now. As the company grew, so did my ideas. I decided to expand over the entire building and rebrand. This allowed me and the store to flourish and show what all we offer. Doing this allowed me to focus on bringing in and creating my own line of pieces in addition to what we are bringing in.

What does “carte blanche” mean and why does it resonate with you and your team at Restoration Imports? Carte blanche is defined as permission to do something in any way you choose to do it; the power to do as one wishes; unlimited possibilities. I look at the saying “carte blanche” as a blank piece of paper. This is my favorite canvas that allows me to really dig down into my creativity and develop something individual for each client.

How would you describe the styles in your showroom? It is a truly unique assimilation of styles. I have always used one-of-a-kind antique architectural elements that are to be built into a home instead of simply placed within it. This adds so much character that can’t be replicated. My style merges the old with new in terms of finishes, fabrics and colors. Exquisite details and clean lines are what make my aesthetic versatile enough for any home. Lastly, using what people already own and adding just enough to change it up is what I pride myself in. This allows the look and feel to remain the client’s own, while spicing it up a little while creating a new space.