1-30-20 - Auret Cavedo

Auret Cavedo


Island Drapery and Upholstery

Family: Married to Fred Cavedo, who is also my right hand man in the business; my mother, Rita Boland ,who started the business and is an integral part of our day-to-day operations, and my dad, Tom Boland, who keeps us laughing.

Occupation: Workroom owner and operator

School: I completed my high school life in Nelspruit, South Africa, and have an MCSE certification in IT networking.

Years in the Golden Isles: 8

Hometown: Pretoria, South Africa

A local you admire (and why): I cannot single out one person, but my mother has always been my guiding light in life, and in business, and I am blessed enough to be working side-by-side with her every day; our designers who challenge us daily with their creative ideas that need to be realized; and let me not forget my amazing team that makes all these creative, and sometimes crazy, ideas come to life.

What is your favorite landmark in the Golden Isles? The St. Simons Pier at sunset.

Describe your perfect Saturday: A bike ride with my hubby exploring all the beauty America has to offer. We love traveling, but sadly do not get to do that as regularly as we would like. Pizza and wings at Fox’s downtown is also a winner and dancing wherever the band is playing.

How did you get into drapery and upholstery? I started sewing at age 6. My mother was always sewing and I just naturally fell in love with it. I used to make most of my own clothing until the time I came to America. My mother was doing some drapery and small upholstery jobs and we decided to take it to the next level. It ended up growing way faster than we ever imagined it would. To be honest – we are all still learning new things and ways of doing on a daily basis.

What is your favorite part of the process? Learning and figuring out “how to make it happen” and then the final installation – seeing people appreciate and enjoy the beautiful things we make and create.

What is the best part about a family business? Everything! We can create, laugh, fight and cry and still end up creating winning looks together.

What is one thing every visitor must do before leaving the Golden Isles? Taking a drive out to Jekyll Island, across the Sidney Lanier bridge and taking a walk on Driftwood Beach.