Jill Jernigan

Top Producers Coastal GA Inc.

Years in the Golden Isles: I have lived in the Golden Isles for almost 25 years.

School: I graduated from Jacksonville University with a degree in French and international marketing, migrated north after graduation and landed in the real estate industry.

Occupation: I am the founder, co-owner, and broker of Top Producers Coastal GA Inc., and have a unique model for selling real estate. Our agents work for themselves with support, education and technology resources available. Our commission model is also very unique, our agents are paid at the closing table and only pay pennies compared to what other agents pay traditional brokers and therefore are able to achieve higher financial reward.

Who or what inspired you to become a broker? I was inspired to become a broker after watching the industry become a revolving door to agents. Agents entered the profession and months later left the profession. I wanted to change the cycle. My goal is to remodel and restyle the real estate industry, one agent at a time.

Tell us about your favorite things to do in your free time: Running a growing company has its challenges, but I find time for myself! The Golden Isles is a wonderful area and I like to spend time boating in the Altamaha River, kayaking off the shores of Jekyll Island Sound, fishing and crabbing in Honey Creek, and floating down the Satilla River on a tube with a great group of friends. If you have never floated down a river on a tube, you do not know what you are missing!

Where in the Isles do you like to sell properties the most? I sell real estate in seven surrounding counties and find each area in the Golden Isles has its own special charm. I always say real estate is like Christmas morning; you never know what you will get or what you will see, but whatever it is, promises to be ever-changing, rewarding and fun!

What advice would you give to someone looking to buy a home in the Isles? If you are looking to buy a home in the Golden Isles, drive around and find what area appeals to you. Spend time having lunch in the restaurants, check out the local grocery stores and retail shops. Find out what activities are nearby. Above all, make sure you do your due diligence in finding out any issues currently on record. Roads expand, flood maps change, new apartment complexes are built, commercial areas grow; you want to make sure you know what the future holds for your precious investment.

Have you seen the market change since the COVID pandemic? COVID-19 has changed the market, but not necessarily has it been bad for real estate. I have seen agents working closer together and having a more united front. Sellers and buyers are working together as well to make sure everyone stays safe and protected. People working together is not the only change in our market, safety and technology has also been enhanced in our industry.

Our company is Move Safe Certified, and we pledge to make safety the priority for our clients.

Along with our safety pledge, our agents have the technological resources to keep you informed with minimal person to person contact. Smartphones and computers enable us to meet face to face over the internet! We provide video previews and virtual tours of any property our client chooses. High definition cameras capture detailed photographs for you to see all the angles of the property. We also provide drones, so you have a larger, overview of the area. Our agents provide electronic signature servicers, which are instrumental in keeping down the personal contact, not to mention the time it saves.

Our market slowed like the rest of the world with COVID-19, but the rebound has been phenomenal and sellers are getting top prices for their homes. It is a great time to sell! A seller’s market usually does not last long, inventory eventually corrects itself so buyers hang in there, you will get your time too!