Alston, Jason CI 10-20 005 (1)

Name: Jason L. Alston

Family: I am married to an intelligent and beautiful woman, Gloria C. Alston. Credit for my birth is given to Ethel Delores Alston, and my father was the late Bonnie Ward Alston Sr. I understand the joys and challenges of family as I am the youngest of 23 brothers and sisters!

Year in the Golden Isles: I am truly blessed to be a native of the Golden Isles!

School: I graduated from McIntosh County Academy and also attended College of Coastal Georgia.

Occupation: I am a Realtor by profession and also work with the International Longshoremen’s Association Local 1423.

What would you say is the most rewarding part of your job? The most rewarding part of being a Realtor is the look on a client’s face when you have sold their home for a great price or handed them the keys to their perfect, new home. So much hard work goes into the process, but when it is all said and done, I have absolutely no regrets about becoming a professional Realtor. It is such an accomplishment on both ends, for the client and the Realtor.

How do you enjoy your free time? Where you will find me when I have a break in my busy work schedule is fishing and relaxing on the beach with my family and friends. We love to explore all the incredible sites and the natural beauty of our area and of course, we enjoy tasting the incredible, local seafood!

What do you think is a selling point for homes in the Golden Isles? The Golden Isles has an unspoiled beauty, rich in history that hasn’t been commercialized and is truly a hidden treasure with all of its historic sites and landmarks intact. It is just breathtaking, and it literally costs you nothing to enjoy our coast life. Not only is the area beautiful but also the people! The Golden Isles is home to the most hospitable and pleasant folks you will ever meet. Our Southern charm is the one quality visitors just cannot resist.

As a native of the Golden Isles, what is something you have learned here that has made you successful today? What has made my life so successful is first God, who has blessed me with the opportunity to work with the well-trained, experienced, and professional Realtors and brokers at Top Producers of Coastal Georgia. They have taken me under their wings as a rookie and helped me to be even more successful than I could have dreamed. Our company focuses on supporting agents to build relationships with their clients and community. It allows me to grow a wonderful client base and stay more connected.