Family: husband, Jeff; and two children, Blake and Grant. Years in Golden Isles: Fortunately, most of my life. I am a third generation native. Who or what inspired you to be a realtor: I have been involved in many of my family’s real estate dealings over the past several years, either by helping them search for the “right” home, preparing their home to list, or assisting them in decorating the home, etc. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to get my real estate license and make a career out of it! Describe a hobby you enjoy away from work: My absolute favorite thing to do is to spend time with my family! We love spending our Friday nights at home playing board games and watching a movie while eating our favorite take-out, pizzas from Fox’s Pizza Den. If you haven’t tried their Cinnasticks, you’re missing out BIG TIME. I also enjoy taking yoga, Barre, and cycle classes at Omcore. Patricia Ploeger and her team are all so talented and encouraging. Omcore is my happy place! A local you admire: There are many locals who I respect and admire, but I look up to my parents, Woodrow and Diane Sapp, the most. They have worked together as a team professionally, and as parents in raising my brother and me. I respect them for their work ethic, integrity and especially, their humility. They have sought to instill the same values in my brother and me, which my husband (Jeff) and I now work daily to teach to our own children, along with putting faith and family first. What makes the Golden Isles a unique place to live: I feel blessed to have been raised here in this beautiful place. It is truly a special place and I don’t think there is anywhere else quite like it. I love being able to ride bikes together as a family under the giant oaks while having captivating views of the marsh. Our favorite outdoor activity is to spend time together at the beach, dog included! Jeff and I are trying to help the kids realize how lucky they are to live here. During our nighttime prayers, we always thank God for where we live. Favorite local cause you support and why: I feel the most passionate about Communities in Schools of Glynn County. I serve as a board member and can honestly say that they do everything in their power (and more!) to achieve their mission statement, which is to surround students with a community of support empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life. Hearing real life stories from CIS graduates will bring tears to your eyes, and will move you to spread the word of this outstanding charity and what they do to successfully lower our local dropout rate by helping to provide a better life for each student. If you are unfamiliar with this organization, I encourage you to visit their website at