Family: My wife, Ashley, who works at Oglethorpe Point Elementary, and my two children, Adam and Merritt, who are both University of Georgia students.

Years in the Golden Isles: 29

School: University of Georgia

Occupation: Owner, Duke’s Coastal Flooring

Favorite landmark in the Golden Isles: The Sidney Lanier Bridge. It’s a beautiful structure and it lets me know I’m almost home to St. Simons Island.

How would you describe your perfect Saturday in the Golden Isles? Go for a run in the morning followed by a day on the beach with my wife and friends. Then dinner that evening at Crabdaddy’s Seafood Grill.

A local you admire: Wright Culpepper. He is a pastor and founder of FaithWorks. I’ve known Wright since we moved to St. Simons Island. He was my first pastor at Wesley United Methodist Church. Through the years I have witnessed the countless number of folks Wright and his ministries have helped. He does good. Often I find people rationalize reasons not to provide help and support to others- perhaps in part because they may have contributed to their particular dilemma. Wright doesn’t focus on people’s shortcomings, he focuses on their potential.

Tell us about how you started your career at Duke’s Flooring: I was introduced to Duke’s former owner by a friend. He was aware of Duke’s interest in possibly selling his business. I purchased Duke’s Coastal Flooring in 2017, and have been grateful each day since. It is very rewarding to improve our customers’ homes and provide a service that makes them happy.

What is some of the best advice you have received? Show up and do the right thing – wise words from my own father.

Explain what a typical day looks like for you as president of Duke’s Coastal Flooring: Start early and review the day’s work with the install teams. Then meet with clients to evaluate upcoming work, generate estimates, and visit job sites to check on progress. I end the day with a grateful heart that the business is doing well.

What are some aspects you have learned to run a successful business? My business experience has taught me that people matter. Having good people on your team who truly care is critical to our success.

How does Duke’s Flooring support the local community? Duke’s Coastal Flooring is a big supporter of the efforts of Habitat for Humanity and its ReStore retail store. We also support The Gathering Place and its mission to reach, equip and send out Christian leaders to make a difference in our community. We also support the efforts of FaithWorks to improve the quality of life for all residents of the Golden Isles.

What is one thing every visitor must do before leaving the Golden Isles? Go for a walk on the beach and maybe grab lunch at Southern Soul. Oh yeah … and plan some home renovations with Duke’s Coastal Flooring.