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Family: I just recently married my husband, Scott Owens. He owns two charter fishing companies locally, Southeastern Angling and The Georgia Fishing Co. He has established himself locally as a respected and knowledgeable fishing guide and captain. I am a proud mom of a 13-year-old son, Brady; and a stepson, Cameron. We also have four cats. Storm is our indoor cat, and I’m pretty sure that she believes she runs our house, and we just work for her. I'm very close with my parents, brother, sister, grandmother, several nephews and a niece. We are all lovingly referred to as the Griswolds. It’s quite a crowd when we get together.

How many years have you lived in the Golden Isles? I was born and raised in the Golden Isles … so, going on 45 years!

What is your educational background? I graduated from Brunswick High School in 1996. I have a bachelor's and master's degree in business. I am also certified to teach middle and high school math.

How long have you worked in real estate? I am in my eighth year of working in real estate.

What brought you to a career in real estate? I never actually thought much about a career in sales, but I started selling credit card processing plans as a side job while I was teaching. I really enjoyed the people and the excitement of closing a deal, but it lacked the emotional aspect that I found so fulfilling as a teacher. I gave some thought to becoming a Realtor because it seemed as though it would offer the best of both worlds. I was right. I love knowing that I am able to bring a smile to someone’s face when they walk into a home that I’ve found and see that it has just the right place for their collection of books or their Christmas tree or the perfect niche for a family heirloom … whatever it might be that calls to them.

What is your favorite landmark in the Golden Isles? I love taking a drive over the Sidney Lanier Bridge and looking over at the old slips where they built and set the Liberty Ships out to sail. My great-grandmother was a welder on the ships during World War II here in Brunswick. It’s incredible to think about the history that area holds.

Who is someone you admire in the community and why? Aside from my family, I’d have to say that it is more of a group of people that I admire. I’m a huge animal lover, and my heart goes out to all of the animals that find themselves homeless or hungry or without love. The volunteers that makeup “No Kill Glynn County” are the people that I am grateful for on a daily basis. They volunteer their time and efforts to find homes for unwanted or homeless cats and dogs in our community. Their commitment to eliminating euthanasia is making Glynn County one of the safest places for companion animals and feral cats.

What advice would you give to someone looking to buy a home in the Golden Isles? There are many steps that are so important in buying a home no matter where it is. Finding the right Realtor to work with is without a doubt an important first step. The purchasing process varies from one place to another, and having a knowledgeable Realtor working to guide you in the right direction is invaluable. As far as our area … I’d certainly encourage anyone looking for a home in the Golden Isles to spend some time visiting some of the landmarks, beautiful scenery, local shops and amazing restaurants. Lifestyle plays such a major role in finding a home, but it’s often overlooked in the beginning as buyers go through their checklist of items such as the number of bedrooms, square footage and price point. Those items are important in finding a house, but finding a home means something more. Our area offers so much and being familiar with those choices is essential.

When describing this community to others, what do you share that makes this area unique? The Golden Isles has a small-town feel to it without being mundane. There is so much to do if you’re looking to stay busy. We have the beaches, rivers, boating, historical tours, hunting, fishing, golfing, tennis, birding … the list could go on and on. If you want to get involved in the social scene, there is no shortage of events. Live music, golf tournaments, festivals … and charity auctions are just a few of the events that come to mind. It’s an area that is exciting enough to fill your calendar if desired but small enough to form friendships and bonds easily with those around you. It’s just a beautiful place to call home.

Describe your perfect Saturday in the Golden Isles: My favorite way to see and enjoy the Golden Isles is by boat. A perfect Saturday would be spent with my husband and son on the boat in the rivers fishing and relaxing. After working up an appetite from being on the water, we would indulge in an early dinner at one of the waterfront restaurants serving fresh, local seafood. To wrap up the perfect day, we would take in one of our area’s incredible sunsets by boat. At home, we will go to sleep knowing how blessed we are that we will wake up to enjoy another day in the Golden Isles.