Mumford, Karen 9-20 002

Name: Karen Linkenhoker Mumford

Family: Husband, Aaron; 11-year-old triplets,Maggie, Wylie and Katie; and 5- year-old, Abbie

Years in the Golden Isles: Lifetime

School: Glynn Academy, College of Charleston undergrad, currently in Valdosta State grad school for Master of Social Work

Occupation: Realtor

A favorite landmark in the Golden Isles: Jekyll Island Club – “If walls could talk.” I love thinking of the history, conversations, dinners, attire and events that were held in this beautiful historic hotel!

Describe a perfect Saturday for you in the Golden Isles: After my husband drives the kids to school, I ride my bike down Union Street to get a tall coffee and cranberry-orange muffin from DeeDee at Daddy Cate’s. Then 9 a.m. yoga with Kristina at Mary Ross Park. I head home and look over all the newly listed properties on our MLS while watching an episode of “My Brilliant Friend” on HBO. A perfect day would include a deep house cleaning by Mabry Rodriguez’s amazing team while I get ready for the day. I then leave the house to meet Aaron for lunch at the Village Bakery for a Cuban sandwich and pasta salad. Afterward, I drive over to Georgia Coast Realty to finalize paperwork on a closing I have later that day with Samantha DiPolito at Gilbert Harrell Law Firm. Afterward, I drive back to Brunswick and show a client a cute bungalow in historic Windsor Park before making my way to the law firm. After the closing, my family and I meet at Silver Bluff Brewing Co. for a celebratory Golden Ale, some dinner from that night’s guest food truck, Crabdaddy’s, while I win a game of cornhole in the beer garden.

What advice would you give someone looking to move to the Golden Isles? Out of all the natural disasters that our country can have, I will take a hurricane season over any of them!

A local you admire: The entire staff at St. Simons Christian School. They have worked tirelessly to keep a positive environment for their students PreK-8th during such a difficult time. Headmaster Mr. Mark Kok and all the teachers meet parents and students every day with a smile and encouragement regardless of the current headlines. They take the time each morning to pray for our country and community. I am very thankful and admire each tremendously.

What do you do to prepare for open houses? I love searching Pinterest for cute ways to advertise and ideas for unique giveaways that will attract Realtors/buyers to come take a look!

What are some features of homes in the Golden Isles that always stand out to you? I adore exposed brick inside homes whether it’s on a wall or flooring, a covered front porch, established tree canopies, and a variety of different style homes within one neighborhood.