Angela Harrison


Family: Kent (husband); three children, Emily (sophomore at Chapel Hill), Banks and Coleman (sophomore and freshman at Glynn Academy). Years in the Golden Isles: 9 years. Who or what inspired you to become a Realtor: I have always worked in private club communities. After serving as the director of membership for the Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo, Fla., a friend who was a broker convinced me to come work with him in representing builders in new product development. My focus on the development of product that met the growing memberships’ needs quickly led me to becoming one of the leading sales agents for the Ocean Reef Club. I was recruited by the Huizenga team to run development and sales for Frederica when they purchased the club and community in December of 2010. My business has always been based on relationships and service. My partner at Frederica Realty, Tommy Elsberry and I, pride ourselves on helping guide our clients in their purchase decisions in everything from introducing them to their potential neighbors, connecting them with like-minded community and club members, navigating the process of choosing a builder and architect, or just finding the right home are all important parts of our service. Favorite landmark in the Golden Isles: The Avenue of the Oaks as you are entering the Lodge at Sea Island. The sense of history and the feeling of stepping into the heart of the south makes me feel like I am home. A local you admire: Oh, there are so many. Please don’t make me pick one. I am impressed everyday by my real estate colleagues that I have the opportunity to do business with, my girlfriends who give to those in need, serve as public leaders, my children’s teachers, administrators and coaches, all who touch our lives, and then there is David Yarborough, our minister. He just connects to everyone in his own special way. What makes the Golden Isles a great place to raise your family: When we were deciding to move to St. Simons from Miami, our children were starting the sixth, second and first grades. This is such a gentle place to raise your children. We had to teach our daughter how to lock a door when she went to college. Family values, great sports, wonderful people, safety and a community centered around faith were all important to us. We found it all on St. Simons! Describe a perfect Saturday in the Golden Isles: It is usually on a soccer field. But my ideal day is breakfast with my family at home, a walk on the beach, hopefully a Georgia football game, tennis and dinner at Halyards with friends. I also love entertaining, so a house full of friends and family is my perfect day.