Name: Colleen Martin

Family: Married six years to Mitch Martin. We have two wild boys, Mason and Maddox, and we cannot forget our fur babies Beau and Muffin!

Years in the Golden Isles: 29

School: Glynn Academy alumni, Ashworth College, event and design.

Occupation: Realtor

Describe your perfect Saturday in the Golden Isles: I feel like you’ve heard this a time or two … is it really a perfect Saturday in the Golden Isles without breakfast at Palmer’s? After we are full of Buddy’s Banana Pudding Pancakes, we would hop on our bikes! I love exploring the island with our two boys riding down the same sidewalks I explored as a kid. Dinner out would be Fiddlers @ 410 Arnold, the atmosphere and menu is perfect for our family. Ending the evening with a quick swim at the pool, while my husband and I enjoy a well-deserved cocktail! Cheers!

Tell us about how you arrived in the Golden Isles: I am a native of the Golden Isles, but I guess you could say it was an act of God that kept me here! Just weeks before I left for my freshman year of college our home was struck by lightning, and we lost the majority of our belongings. This community came forth in such a big way, and made it crystal clear that this was truly my home. Just a few weeks later I met and started dating my husband Mitch (also a Golden Isles native) and the rest is history. We feel so grateful to be able to raise our boys in such a close-knit and amazing community.

Give us your elevator pitch for someone looking to move to the Golden Isles: This one is easy … it’s the people!!! Our beautiful and diverse community of people here in the Golden Isles sells our area faster than any beach, restaurant or shop ever could. I encourage any potential buyers to take the time to meet our locals and get a feel for the true southern hospitality.

What do you believe are the attributes for becoming a successful Realtor? Hustle, tenacity, honesty and integrity this is what successful Realtors are made of! Be a good human, treat others with kindness and humility and find your success in the relationships you establish along the way.

What are some of the biggest selling points homes here have, and why? The VIEWS!!!! Whether the view is oceanfront, marshfront, riverfront or of our beautiful oaks, there is always something to swoon over here in the Golden Isles.