Allison Van der Veer


Roland Daniel Properties

Family: My sweetie, Tommy Eades, our 5-year-old grandson, and our kitty, Cornelia Jane.

Years in the Golden Isles: 16

School: University of Colorado, Boulder

Occupation: Associate broker, brokerage manager, Roland Daniel Properties

Who or what inspired you to become a Realtor: It’s a great career if you like to solve problems and put your interpersonal skills to work. I love meeting new people and doing something new every day. No two transactions are the same. Plus, it’s a great gig if you want to be in charge of your own career advancement.

Favorite landmark in the Golden Isles: I love my 100-plus-year-old cottage in Brunswick’s historic district but my happy place is Jekyll Island. Our favorite “date-night” activity is a walk on the beach followed by ice cream at Dairy Queen. It’s quiet, uncrowded and peaceful. Also, just about an hour away in Folkston, is the Okeefenokee National Wildlife Refuge. “The Swamp” is one of the coolest and most beautiful places I’ve ever visited, and I love to go every chance I get!

A local you admire: Roland Daniel. He taught me everything I know about real estate.

What is one thing every visitor must do before leaving the Golden Isles? Just one? Order a peach daiquiri at The Wharf at the Jekyll Island Club, enjoy a gorgeous sunset and some great live music.

What are you most looking forward to in 2020? I am the 2020 president for the Golden Isles Association of Realtors, and I’m looking forward to serving its membership this year as we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Georgia Association of Realtors and support our beautiful Golden Isles community. Personally, I’m looking forward to our annual vacation in New Orleans in the spring and our first trip to South America this summer.

What is a selling point for buying a home in the Golden Isles? For a relatively small market, we truly have something for everyone at all styles, sizes and price points. Also, the lifestyle is pretty nice here on the coast! We have excellent beaches, nature, fishing, golfing, shopping, and dining; and we have a very welcoming community.

Describe a perfect Saturday for you in the Golden Isles: Grab a coffee and noodle around downtown Brunswick in the morning; maybe a trip to the library, some shopping at the farmer’s market or checking out the shops on Newcastle and Gloucester streets. Lunch at one of the fine restaurants downtown. Show a house or two in the afternoon. Then head to Jekyll for a stroll on the beach or in the historic district followed by dinner and/or ice cream.