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Name: Kelsi Brooks

Family: Married five years to Taylor Brooks. We have two daughters, 2-years-old and seven months old, and I can’t forget our rat terrier, Peanut, who is almost 9-years-old.

Years in the Golden Isles: I have lived here for almost four years. My husband grew up here though, so we were very familiar with the area and wonderful community before settling down.

School: Bachelor’s Degree in business marketing from Dallas Baptist University

Occupation: Realtor at Signature Properties Group Inc.

Tell us about how you ended up in the Golden Isles: This is a fun story! My husband and I did a bit of traveling a year into our marriage, picking up work doing residential, commercial and landscaping renovations. Once our last job was coming to a close, we didn’t know where our next home would be. We decided to pray independently and come back to see if we heard the same thing. You guessed right, we both heard St. Simons Island. Next, we both prayed about when. We both heard Oct. 21. So on Oct. 21, 2017, we moved to St. Simons Island and this has been the most memorable and cherished season of our lives yet!

How did you start your career as a Realtor? I like to believe that my love for real estate has been wired within since I was a child. At 12-years-old, I would sit in my room with a sketch pad and dream up homes that I one day hoped to create. One of my favorite things to do in my hometown of The Woodlands, Texas, was have my parents drive me around to look at houses and neighborhoods. I haven’t met many children who do either of these things in their spare time, and not much has changed for me as an adult. I still love what a house embodies for people: a safe place, a haven, a place of security where you can fully be your truest self. When my husband and I started dreaming of our future, it was evident our lives would end up in real estate. He has been on the construction side of it since he was 13 and has big dreams too. Since college (10 years ago) I have wanted to dive into this industry, but the timing and location just didn’t feel right, especially since I would be moving around a lot, both domestically and internationally. Once we landed here, I felt the shift. It was like God opened the door and the timing to every detail was just right. I now love what I do and where I live!

What is some advice you give to newcomers looking to move to the Golden Isles? Get to know your neighbors. The Golden Isles is a lovely place, that’s obvious, but the real gold is in the people. This is the first small town I have lived in and the highlight of each day is running into familiar faces or meeting new friends when I’m out of the house. I never thought my neighbors would end up feeling like family, that wasn’t part of my plan, but I am so thankful God led us to the people here. That is where the true beauty lies!

What attributes do you think make a successful Realtor? Honesty and community. The same qualities that make up a great human, really. I believe being real and upfront with people builds a strong foundation of trust. Nothing to hide as a person and nothing to hide in a home are two qualities that will produce longevity in this industry. Also, having a great team on your side makes for a really solid Realtor. The added support and wisdom of co-workers are invaluable.

How do you spend your free time in the Golden Isles? With my family, of course! We love to take walks around our neighborhood and meet up with friends at the various playgrounds with our kids!

Describe the perfect Saturday: Considering this season of life, sleeping in would start the day off right! Enjoying a coffee from Wake Up, a donut from Dulce Dough Bakery, and breakfast at Palmer’s would be my next move. Throughout the day I would love a family bike ride around the south end of the island, a swim, or a beach walk. Fancy Q for dinner, Fuse Frozen Yogurt for dessert, and a little time at the playground to end the day. After the kids go to bed, I like to enjoy the sunset from our backyard while having a good conversation with my husband.