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Name: William “Bill” Kiem

Family: I married the girl I dated in high school 33 years after graduating, Evie. Evie was working here so I sold the dealership and moved to this area. We have six children and 10 grandchildren.

School: I graduated from Miami University, Oxford (Ohio). Business Administration with a major in accounting.

Occupation: Recently retired owner and broker of Gardner Kiem.

Hobbies: Some of my hobbies include coin and stamp collecting. I also enjoy swimming – High School All-American, Ohio District Breaststroke Champion. I love race car driving – Successful amateur and professional driver for many years, sponsored by Ford Motor, Huntington Banks and 5/3 Bank. I also collect small race cars – several hundred U.S. and foreign made.

Tell us about how you ended up in the Golden Isles: I have been in real estate in the Golden Isles for 25 years. I moved in 1996 and received my broker license in 1998. I was co-founder of Signature Properties and worked as the owner and broker for 12 years. I joined GardnerKeim Coastal Realty as broker and owner in 2017. I helped develop both from start-up into large very productive companies with excellent reputations.

Tell us about your career path: After graduating, I went into the U.S. Air Force and served as a Staff Sergeant in the Air National Guard. Some of my previous business experience includes employment with a Big 8 accounting firm, six years as an officer with an NYSE firm, and 20 years as the owner of a metro Ford dealership in Columbus, Ohio. While in the dealership business, I was a SCCA road racer. As a racer, I won approximately a third of the 100 races I drove in. I sold the dealership, moved to St. Simons, and obtained my broker’s license. I was also in the Georgia Association RPAC Trustee, Chairman of the GAR RIAC Committee and Chairman of the Golden Isles RPAC Committee. We raised over $100,000 two years in a row and were the number one local board in the United States and recognize by the House of Representatives in Washington.

What do attribute to becoming a successful Realtor? Commit to honest hard work. Knowledge of market and inventory, knowledge of area, training and understanding of contracts is very important. The No. 1 trait needed is excellent communication skills. Listen to the clients. Their likes and dislikes may be different than yours. No matter what the job, you only get out of it what you put into it. Anyone willing can make it.