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Can you tell me about your family? I am married to Cindy Mealling Perry. We have two grown children, Jonathan and Lauren, who both live in Savannah. We live with my best friend Honey, and she always greets me with a smile and a wagging tail.

How many years have you lived in the Golden Isles? I was born in Alma, Georgia. At a young age, my family moved to Brunswick, and I have lived in Glynn County for 65-plus years. The Golden Isles truly is my home.

What is your educational background? I graduated from Glynn Academy in 1969, from Georgia Southern University in 1974. I have always believed in education, so throughout my real estate career I have maintained high levels of continuing education.

How long have you worked in realty? What brought you to a career in real estate? I was licensed in 1975, when my good friend Charlie Ellzey encouraged me to get my real estate license as soon as I graduated from college. I worked for Mr. Ellzey for three years, then I opened Ronnie Perry Realty Co., and managed that for 42 years. In 2015, I sold the business and retired, which did not work out as well as I thought. I was bored, looking for something to do, and my friend Pat Hodnett Cooper convinced me to get back in the business.

What is your favorite landmark in the Golden Isles? There are many places in the Golden Isles that I am very fond of, but probably my favorite is the St. Simons Lighthouse. It has always been a beacon for our community as ships come and go.

Who is someone you admire in the community and why? There are several people in the community whom I admire, but there is no one who I admire more than Pat Hodnett Cooper. Pat and I have been friends since high school, and I have enjoyed having the opportunity to work with her. Pat is always looking for a way to share her time, talents, and resources with people in need. She truly is an asset to the Golden Isles.

What advice would you give to someone looking to buy a home in the Golden Isles? The first thing you should do is establish a relationship with a real estate agent. Then, find a reputable local lender, and let them help you with the process.

When describing this community to others, what do you share that makes this area unique? The most unique characteristic of Glynn County and the Golden Isles is the people. We are very blessed to have a warm, friendly, vacation-minded community – a community that greets others with open arms.

Describe your perfect Saturday in the Golden Isles. My favorite Saturday would be a walk on the beach, and then sitting back with a cold beverage, watching the Florida Gators on TV.