Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but brunch is definitely the most fun. Who doesn’t love a meal that features breakfast and lunch foods, a cocktail or two, and the fellowship of friends and family? Brunch, which is generally a weekend happening, is synonymous with both celebratory midday meals to celebrate special occasions – from baptisms to weddings – or relaxed gatherings with friends.

And what’s brunch without pancakes? Nearly every culture has a version of pancakes that can take on an array of flavors from savory to sweet. I don’t eat many pancakes, but when I do, I like them dripping in butter and sprinkled with confectioner’s sugar, rather than the traditional maple syrup. And therein lies their beauty. Pancakes are the literal have-it-your-way food.

In the Coastal Illustrated feature, Chef JB at Palmer’s Village Café whips up some light, fluffy pancakes and takes us through each step so you can make the perfect pancakes at home. We also spoke with some of our friends about their favorite brunch choices.

Meanwhile, in Coastal Home, we visit with the interior designers at Pierce & Parker Interiors along with Mary Anderson, owner of Anderson Art Gallery, to learn how to bring the outdoors inside. Choosing the right colors, fabrics, paints and wall coverings can give the illusion of the great outdoors in the comfort of your living room, bedroom or den. Original art provides the finishing touch.

With the changeable weather, spring is always a great time to pick up a good book. (Actually, there is never a bad time to read). Literary columnist Cary Knapp reviews “The Good Girls: An Ordinary Killing,” by Sonia Falerio, who was born in India, and is a journalist and writer based in London. The true story focuses on the challenges faced by young women in India today, particularly those who live in remote villages where customs and traditions are held sacred.

Jim Henderson celebrates spring break, and harkens back to the “Where the Boys Are Days” of tooling around Fort Lauderdale in a convertible while listening to Connie Francis on the radio. He’s included three refreshing cocktail recipes, and the first one will get your spring break off on the right foot. Grapefruit mojitos, anyone?

Columnist Anne Ditmer would stump all of us in a game of 20 Questions. The first question in every game is always, “Animal, vegetable or mineral?” Anne writes about lichen, and the answer to the question is “none of the above.” Lichen is an unusual living entity that is neither an animal nor a plant, and is found on tree bark throughout the region. Fortunately, it’s harmless, but in abundance, can indicate a problem with the tree itself.

On our Captured page, we have pictures from the recent Brunswick-Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament at Frederica Golf Club. Vance Leavy was in attendance, and took some great shots of people you know.

Our Q&As this issue feature three strong and successful women.

Kyajuana Gilbert, executive director of STAR Foundation, is the focus of the Local Q&A. Her organization helps people acquire the skills to obtain employment and/or continue their educations. Kyajuana talks about how she and her husband like to spend their free time, her favorite landmark in the Golden Isles and her job duties.

In Coastal Home, we meet Realtor Felder Garner. Felder has lived permanently here for eight years, but because of family ties, has been visiting all her life. In her Q&A, we find out that she’s married with two grown daughters and three cats. The Garners like spending time outdoors, either bicycling or on the beach. She also talks about how much she loves her profession.

Our Designer Q&A features Myrick Stubbs. This lifelong resident of the Golden Isles enjoys spending time with her family and spending her weekends outdoors. Myrick works for a family-owned business, which gives her a unique perspective.

Gordon Jackson explored Jekyll Island and find out some valuable info for people who are considering buying property on the state-owned resort island in this issue’s real estate story..

And finally, in Shore Things, Cheri is having a “Leafy Love Affair” with everything from live plants, to botanical prints on clothing and art and pottery. I know you’ll find some must-haves!

We’ll be back April 8 with another fun issue. In the meantime, we send greetings for a joyous Easter, and for those of you who celebrate Passover, chag Pesach samech. Don’t forget to wash your hands.