This issue was so much fun to put together, and the result is an energetic, fun-filled look into life in these Golden Isles. The Coastal Illustrated feature is all about people who found (or rediscovered) hobbies during the shutdown, and are continuing to pursue them. The results are all positive – a sense of sanity, improved health, a sense of camaraderie and new friendships. What could be better?

When talking with these amazing people, I reflected on my shutdown time. I became obsessed with cooking, and I also have a positive outcome – I concentrated on making healthier versions of my favorite foods (interspersed with some old-fashioned comfort dishes as well – I’m not crazy) and as a result, I managed to shed some pounds. I did go through a phase where I limited my protein intake to eggs, fish and chicken, but quickly realized I needed more variety. In fact, I was eating so much fish and fowl there was a point when I didn’t know whether I was going to grow gills or sprout wings.

In the feature, we profile a golf foursome, a cycling duo, a solo orchid arranger, a pickleball posse, an art group and a boating family. Each group or individual found ways to get outdoors, remain physically fit and have a little bit of a social life, within their COVID bubble. We hope you’ll get some tips and hints for some great activities to do when the doldrums settle in, as they sometime do. These hobbies are great for tourists, too, and we are sharing the info to get you started. Who knows? You could find a whole new passion, or as in the case of one of our people, an entire new career.

Our Captured pages have returned, and this can only mean one thing. People are out and about, enjoying life. We made it to the first “A Little Light Music” concert since 2019, and enjoyed the traditional season-opening concert by beach music favorites, The Tams. Frederica Academy also held its Derby Day celebration earlier this month, and although it was a smaller event, held outdoors, there were still plenty of fashions and finery.

In our Local Q&A, we meet Robbin Mooney, a healthcare professional and resident of Jekyll Island. Robbin describes her perfect Golden Isles Saturday, talks about her family and gives high marks to The Southern Coterie, of which she is a member.

Food and beverage columnist Jim Henderson returns to our pages, and has some recommendations for twists on classic drinks – Julia Child’s Upside Down Martini, anyone? – for celebrating things beginning to normal. As usual, Jim’s historical knowledge of libations is on point, and his wit is as dry as vermouth. Cheers!

Cary Knapp reviews “The Survivors,” the latest novel from Jane Harper. Set in a small coastal town in Australia, this page-turner is full of romance, conflict and intrigue. This is what I call a perfect porch book. So, maybe make one of those martinis and settle in for the afternoon.

In Shore Things, Cheri Leavy explores the newest trends in tie-dye. The groovy vibe, reminiscent of the late 1960s and early 1970s, or any “Dead” concert ever, are truly “tie-dye for.”

In Coastal Home, we meet four Realtors who have called the Golden Isles home for their entire lives. We visit with George Skarpalezos Jr., Sandra Branch, Mac Jefferies and Micki Carter, and get their take on our community and the local real estate industry.

In Gordon Jackson’s real estate article, he makes the case for hiring a Realtor, rather than traveling the lonely (and pitfall-filled) “For Sale by Owner” process.

Horticulture columnist Anne Ditmer explores a plethora of petunia varieties in her column, and their versatility and ability to adapt to all sorts of planting environments.

Finally, in our Realtor Q&A, we introduce Tripp McKenney, formerly of the hospitality industry, who is now practicing real estate at Roland Daniel Properties. Tripp and his wife eloped to Glynn County six years ago. He talks about his favorite way to spend a night out, and how he made the switch in careers.

We hope you can sense how much we loved putting this (and every) issue of Coastal Illustrated together, and we want you to be inspired to find your passion, as all of those featured in this issue have. In the meantime, keep washing your hands, and we’ll see you real soon.

Enjoy the issue!

P.S. Our Events page has moved online for this issue. Please visit for a complete list of fun things to do.