Family: Husband Kirk Watson and four amazing children: Manning 21, Bailey 19, Wood 10 and Rollins 5 Years in the Golden Isles: 46 A local you admire: Being born and raised here there are too many to list, but at the top of that list would be my late grandfather, Roy Smith. To know him was to love him and I don’t just say that because he was my grandfather. He loved his family, friends and community in a big way. He made a mark where ever he went. He spent every day thinking of others, giving back and lifting people up and would go to the ends of the Earth to help someone whether they were family or a complete stranger. When designing, where do you draw inspiration from: That is a hard one because there are a lot of things, but the first place usually starts with my clients. I love learning about them and what they want to achieve with their space. From there it often comes with a great fabric or a beautiful piece of art, then the creative juices start flowing. Favorite thing to do in the Golden Isles: I love working in my garden whenever time allows. I started gardening several years ago and something about it just brings peace for me. I also wouldn’t be a true local if I didn’t love being in the boat. Later afternoon cruises with family and friends are my favorites. Who or what inspired you to become an interior designer: From the time I can remember I have loved fabrics and furniture. I used to love playing in my parents’ furniture store when I was a kid and moving furniture around. I can remember when I decorated my first dorm room and the pride I took in choosing all my bedding. My mom has always had an incredible eye for design, so I owe most of it to her. Describe your style: I definitely lean to the more traditional side, mixing a modern piece in here or there. I love using pops of color – blues and greens especially. Those two colors I will never grow tired of, but the best part about my job is I get to design for my clients’ taste and that is what makes it fun. I get to dabble in everything.