From alligators, ospreys, herons and pelicans, and everything in between, Bobby Haven, staff photographer for The Brunswick News, has been capturing the beauty of the Golden Isles for nearly 40 years. His unique eye, and signature style, allow him to see what others cannot. Always interested in pursuing a career in an art-related profession, Bobby had no idea that photography would be his path until, during his ninth grade year at Glynn County Middle School, wood shop class was full, and he decided to take photography instead. It was a serendipitous event! We hope you enjoy.

071620_heron eating
071620_bird prints 8x10024
071620_dragonfly 1

Bobby captured a close-up of a dragonfly feeding on an aloe bloom in his late mother’s back yard.


This image, captured at moonrise on Drifwood Beach, on Jekyll Island, is a study in light and texture. The gnarled driftwood is being bathed with the tide waters as the moon slowly rises over the horizon, illuminating the Golden Isles for yet another night.


(Top) Often mistaken at first glance for flamingos because of their similar coloring, roseate spoonbills have become a common site in the marshes of the Golden Isles.  Roseate spoonbills are similar to flamingos in one significant way – they get their pink color from their diet of crustaceans and other aquatic invertabrates, which contain pigments called carotenoids that help turn their feathers pink.

2 spoonbills
egret in flight

A snowy egret takes flight to search for daily seafood diet.


A loggerhead turtle baby, makes its way to the water shortly after birth on the beach, on St. Simons Island. Bobby has joined Instagram, and delights in sharing the beauty of the Golden Isles. Follow him at @bobby.haven and follow Coastal Illustrated @coastalillustrated on Insta.