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Family: Billy (husband, who I met at UGA), Billy Jr. (son, graduated from Furman University and obtained his master’s from UGA in 2018), Mary Ellen (daughter, graduated from UGA in 2017 and is in her third year at UGA Law School) Years in the Golden Isles: 21 years Former occupation: Retired CEO of Stratix Corp. You are highly engaged with your alma mater. Tell us about your current involvement with UGA: I am a trustee of the UGA Foundation (serving as treasurer and finance chair) and immediate past president of the UGA Alumni Association. A Bulldog you admire: There are so many Bulldogs that I admire that makes this question tough … starting with President Morehead, continuing with Meredith Johnson as our alumni leader and Coach Smart for changing the perspective in Athens … they are all admirable! And, of course, today I’m admiring (and grateful) for D’Andre Swift and his 179 yards against Kentucky. A local you admire: Judge Lisa Godbey Wood (who also happens to be a Double Dawg). Judge Wood is incredibly wise! What makes the Golden Isles the place to be for GA/FLA? Being surrounded by the huge number of UGA fans makes our community a lot of fun that entire week. What is your favorite thing to do on a normal Saturday in the Golden Isles? Nothing beats a great beach walk, a glass of red wine while watching the sunset and a dinner at Crabdaddy’s!