Family: Michael Kaufman (spouse) Kennedy (daughter)

Years in the Golden Isles: Two

Former home town: Newport News, Va. — moved here from New York City

School: Ole Miss (hotty toddy!)

What brought you to the Golden Isles:

My husband and I met in New York City and got engaged while living there. We knew when we were ready to start having children, we wanted to do so in a place that was more family-friendly. My in-laws live on Sea Island, and Michael and I decided this was a great place to buy our first home and start our family.

What is your favorite discovery about the area:

The amount of young couples that live here. To my surprise, there are so many people in our age bracket that are in the same place of life that we are. It is so special to have wonderful people go to go through life with!

A local you admire:

Catherine Slade. Catherine has been such a guiding light to me when I moved here and continues to be now. Not only has she connected me with other influential people on the island, she has become one of my closest friends. When you move to a new place, it’s the most comforting thing to know that someone is in your corner and genuinely wants to watch you succeed.

What is in your beach bag (what are you reading this summer):

“One Of Us Is Lying” by Karen McManus. It’s almost like “Gossip Girl” and a murder mystery had a baby in this novel. Perfect for a great beach read.

Describe a perfect Saturday in the Golden Isles:

Taking my dog and daughter to an outside lunch spot with my husband and our friends. Followed by heading to the beach (and some rosé), of course!

What is one thing every visitor to the area must do before they leave:

I could recommend so many different restaurants and activities, but in my opinion, there’s nothing better than just walking the island under the oak trees and moss.