Last weekend, I was having a conversation with a high school classmate over hors d’oeuvres and beverages, when she made the comment that class reunions only happen “once in a blue moon.” I was in the company of people, some of whom have been my friends since grade school, and that got me thinking. Class reunions are so much more than “once-in-a-blue moon” events; they are once-in-a-lifetime occurrences. My own class has held reunions since the 5-year mark, and this year we celebrated our 40th. Some people have attended every gathering. Others have attended occasionally; some not at all. This year, we were fortunate to welcome classmates who were attending their first reunion.

These gatherings are milestones. We didn’t measure our successes and failures, but our thankfulness. Conversation centered around memories, and our ever-growing families. We talked about our parents, many of whom are gone now. There was good-natured ribbing about all things hair-related. Most of all, there was laughter.

Looking around the room at brunch on Sunday where a few of us gathered to bid farewell, it dawned on me that never again would exactly the same people occupy exactly the same space ever again. That’s a bittersweet realization, to be sure, but it made me all the more grateful for the three days I had to laugh and reminisce with, and hug these dear old school chums. We’ve been walking alongside one another for decades, and I hope that continues for a very long time, even though many miles separate us.

Speaking of milestones, and once-in-a-lifetime events, The RSM Classic turns 10 this year. Our Coastal Illustrated feature gives readers our version of the Top 10 Reasons to attend the tournament and all of its auxiliary events. The money that this tournament donates to charity is astounding, and every event held in conjunction with it acts as a conduit to local, regional and national charitable organizations.

Our featured local this issue is pit master par excellence, Griffin Bufkin, co-owner of Southern Soul Barbecue. He’ll share his thoughts on his favorite things to do when he’s not taking the culinary world by storm. Our newcomer is Lyndsey Miller, a teacher at Frederica Academy. We’ll learn about her and all she’s discovered since relocating to the Golden Isles.

In Coastal Home, we’ll meet Realtor Erin Vaughn, and learn about her early entry into real estate, at the encouragement of her mother, Stephanie Foster Webb. Vaughn also talks about the upcoming birth of her twins, and the outdoor activities of which she and her family take advantage. We will also meet Lori Harden, an interior designer with Pierce & Parker. In our conversation with her, Harden talks about her family, designing style and anticipating her first grandchild.

In our Home feature, we continue our golf theme, and talk with residents, a Realtor and a golf club manager about the advantages of living in a golf course community. Their insightful answers provide great explanations about these neighborhoods, which have more diverse offerings than one might initially believe.

Finally, on our “Captured” pages, you’ll find photos from the American Cancer Society Victory Gala, the Fête for Haiti at St. William Catholic Church and Taste of the Vine, which benefits Coastal Coalition for Children.

Enjoy the issue, take time to attend The RSM Classic and some, if not all, of its related activities.And, if an old friend, or a group of friends, wants to get together, don’t let the opportunity pass.

P.S. Happy belated birthday to our former art columnist, Mildred Huie Wilcox! The folks at Coastal Illustrated adore you, and wish you all the best.