Beverly Trainor, from left, Beth Smith and Mike Muldowney

St. Simons Rotary recently gathered at the beach as outgoing president Beth Smith passed the gavel to the 2020-2021 president, Beverly Trainor. Also present was outgoing district governor Mike Muldowney. Following the passing of the gavel, the club had its first meeting of the 2020-2021 year via Zoom, and installed the remaining officers, including Beth Smith, immediate past president; Pam Hamilton, editor, Spray; Janice Lamattina, club communications; Mike Murphy, community service; Tate Simpson, president nominee; Zerik Samples, membership chair; Robbie Strange, secretary; Joe Lee, president-elect; Roy “Te” Turner” — treasurer; Bob Brown, parliamentarian; Dick James, special projects; Kern Baker, programs and fellowship, John Killgallon, international service and grants; Donna Davis, director and Erik Kaufman, director.