John Farrell, executive chef at Marsh’s Edge, was on July 27, awarded second place in The Battle of the Blades, a culinary competition on Amelia Island, Fla. The competition pitted executive chefs from 15 retirement communities against each other. During the competition each chef had to create unique appetizers and entrees with special ingredients. Chef Adam Sears, the emcee for the evening required teams to include pork belly and a starch in the appetizer and swordfish with a stone fruit in the main course.

“The competition was fierce, but the thing that stood out most to me was the caliber of chefs that are working in these communities” said Farrell. “They’re taking retirement dining to a whole new level and pushing culinary boundaries.”

As a leader in the senior living industry, Marsh’s Edge strives to make each dining experience unique. Its culinary team is continually exploring new recipes, experimenting with ways to revamp classic dishes and developing new techniques both in the kitchen and on the plate. “Sitting down for a meal with family and friends is such a heartwarming time,” said Marsh’s Edge Executive Director, Chris Thorpe. “We are proud to provide an exceptional dining program where our members and their families can connect over food and drinks. They don’t have to eat in our restaurant, but they want to when they know that Chef Farrell is continually creating new dishes and putting a spin on their favorites.”

Marsh’s Edge is a five-time Argentum award winning senior living community at 136 Marsh’s Edge Lane, on St. Simons Island. To learn more about Marsh’s Edge, call 912-291-2000 or visit