Family: Riddick (husband), Penn (son), Briggs (son) Years in the Golden Isles: 31 Occupation: Stay-at-home mom turned entrepreneur Favorite landmark in the Golden Isles: Avenue of the Oaks Explain your new endeavor, Muddy Oaks: I started Muddy Oaks, formerly Blue Door Designs, back in the fall, somewhat unintentionally. My plan was to just embroider clothes for my own children and maybe one day in the distant future offer items for purchase. In October, I posted a set of Halloween bags I embroidered for my children on social media and the next thing I knew I had over 20 orders. I decided then to go ahead and begin a business. In April, I changed the business name to Muddy Oaks. My husband came up with the name. It’s a combination of our son’s favorite activity, jumping in muddy puddles, and our favorite place for family photos, Avenue of the Oaks. Muddy Oaks offers quality embroidered children’s items and home decor with a southern touch. Muddy Oaks is a home-based, online business. A local you admire: There are so many people that have made such a huge impact in my life but one in particular was Ellen Fleming. I had the honor of working for Ellen as her assistant while working at Frederica Academy. Ellen’s faith and work ethic were something I admired. Through prayer, she helped guide me into making the decision to stay home with my boys and then became one of my biggest supporters when I started Muddy Oaks. We unexpectedly lost Ellen this past spring. I miss her guidance, but mostly her friendship. I have a birthday card from her where she wrote “always so very proud of you” and that is something I will forever treasure. Explain how you are multi-generational in the Golden Isles: Both of my parents (Lee and Mel Baxter) grew up in the Golden Isles. My mother was born here and my father moved here as a child. My sister and I have been raised on the island since we were babies and we are now both raising our babies here too.