Joel K. Arline


Family: Alison Mitchell Arline (born in Brunswick, Ga.) – teacher at St. Simons Elementary; Pope Arline – 2019 graduate of Glynn Academy and is starting at the University of Georgia to study agriculture–business and Helen Arline – rising 10th grader at Frederica Academy, and a member of the FA competitive cheerleading team and Pirates of the Spanish Main. Years in the Golden Isles: I moved to the Golden Isles in January 1993. Occupation: CPA – Managing partner of Arline & Wiggins, CPAs LLC. What is your favorite thing to do in the Golden Isles: Golfing at Sea Island’s Seaside golf course. A local you admire: Woody Woodside has always been one of my favorite locals and a great friend. If you are not from the Golden Isles, it can be difficult to find your footing. Woody always made sure that I was meeting the right locals and was involved in the events. When Woody calls, the correct answer is, “Yes, sir, I will be there.” What is your favorite part of your job: Consulting with my clients on the business decisions that drive their success. Favorite landmark in the Golden Isles: St. Simons Island Lighthouse. I have pictures, in my office, of most of the lighthouses on the east coast. Why do you serve on the board of the Communities of Coastal Georgia Foundation: As a CPA, I have worked with many of our local nonprofit organizations performing audits of their financial statements, training staff, establishing internal control polices and grant compliance, etc. I have learned that most nonprofit organizations have limited resources and most of them need to partner with other organizations to help supplement those limitations. Paul White, foundation president, and my partner, Jennifer Wiggins, CPA, host a training class for many local nonprofit board members as a free resource service. The foundation is committed to being a resource for all local nonprofit organizations in our community, which is important to me. Also, the work of the foundation is not to benefit just one charitable purpose, but to work with donors to invest in a variety of needs in our community. I think the organization is a perfect fit for the Golden Isles and I enjoy serving on their board.