Kent Capper

Name: Kent Capper

Family: Second generation jeweler. My parents

started their store on a handshake to buy the building. My father was a master watchmaker and jeweler. Today, 55 years later, I am proud that my twin brother and his family carry on the tradition of the highest of ethics and personal service that a small-town jeweler adds to the community where they raise their families.

Years in the Golden Isles: 18 years

Occupation: President, Joseph Jewelers

Favorite landmark in the Golden Isles: Has to be our beautiful marshes and waterways.The setting sun here is the perfect image for painting or toasting our

gratitude for living in the Golden Isles.

Describe a perfect Saturday for you in the Golden Isles: In or at the water or riding bikes on Jekyll Island, then one of our excellent local restaurants for dinner – Halyards, Delaney’s, or Georgia Sea Grill. Then we will go anywhere for live music.

How long have you been with Joseph Jewelers and how did you get involved? In the early 2000s, I called on the store representing a handcrafted Swiss wristwatch line. I fell in love with the area. After assuming the role as general manager for corporate and large independents around the country, I was looking for a lifestyle and a quality of life not found in major metropolitan cities. Joseph Jewelers started in Georgia in 1910, three generations, family-owned. Mr. and Mrs. Haley allowed the purchase, and the community has blessed us ever since.

What are some popular designer lines of jewelry sold at Joseph Jewelers? Our love of quality is often found in unique estate acquisitions and rare colors. We carry many international designers you will see in your best stores, but it’s our ability to provide handcrafted, commissions, or unusual pieces from often smaller artists from here in the United States that makes us a favorite of customers all over the country.

As the holiday season is approaching, what are some of your suggestions for people interested in buying jewelry for others? Now more than ever, the idea of saying “I love you” with a quality wearable jewelry piece, (regardless of price) will be an affectionate reminder in many years to come. We are grateful to a share small part of a family’s celebration of love and gratitude.

A local you admire. There are so many people here on St. Simons that I admire; we find in working with local charities and civic groups, the caliber of people who give back is amazing. The many unsung heroes who continue to give without personal recognition are especially dear to me. Last year we promoted Carol Houser to be our store manager. She and her husband John, and their three incredible children are people who continue to love and give back to our community in so many ways. We see their dedication continue making our home in the Golden Isles a truly special place to live.

What brought you and your family to the Golden Isles? I was looking for a place with the Mayberry-type lifestyle I grew up with. The values, ethics, and love are alive in our churches, shops and so many places and venues where people gather. The people who live here are the reason that we started. The Jones family’s incredible gifts and stewardship to the area – Sea Island continues to become a focus and benefit to our customer base.

Personally, what are some of your favorite parts of working at Joseph Jewelers? The people, its hugs and kisses every week (before COVID) in the store. Customers become much- loved friends. Families who visit a few times a year to visit mom, often tell me that they waited to shop with us instead of their stores in D.C. or Atlanta for a wedding anniversary. We call them by name and are so grateful for every gesture of kindness.