091219_Local_Merrill Edens

Family: Husband, David Edens; three daughters, Asbury Edens, Megan Grinstead, Sallie Edens; and two grandchildren, Millie and Owen Years on the island: 10 School: University of Georgia Occupation: Manager of Maggie’s Boutique Tell us the story of one of the oldest shops on St. Simons Island – Maggie’s Boutique: In 1974, The Pappagallo Patch opened in Plantation Place. Three years later, the shop moved to its current location (the old Brook’s Grocery Store) and shortly thereafter changed the name to Maggie’s Boutique. A little island trivia: Maggie’s stands for Merrill, Adgate and Gay (Ewell). We took Mag and made it Maggie’s here on St. Simons Island, and in Athens. Why do you call Maggie’s “Lady Dawg Headquarters?”: Adgate, Ewell and I all graduated from Georgia. Ewell started carrying UGA merchandise just for fun and chartered a bus every year to the GA-FL game for friends. Our love for the Dawgs grew into a permanent corner for all things Red & Black. As our corner grew, we became known as “Lady Dawg Headquarters.” Favorite landmark in the Golden Isles: Brogen’s in the Village because it’s one of the greatest places to watch Georgia football and they have the best hamburger on the island. A local you admire: My brother, Ewell, for successfully keeping Maggie’s open for over 44 years, and my sister, Adgate, for wanting to continue his legacy. Favorite trend for fall: This year’s trend is anything leopard print from shoes, handbags, jackets, shirts and pants to earrings and bracelets. But in our store, it’s always anything Red & Black.