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Name: Casey Dart Igel

Family: My husband, Eric, and our two sons Otto, 11, and Liam, 6.

Years in the Golden Isles: Born and raised here minus a few years in Alaska, Louisiana, and Augusta.

School: B.S. Management from Georgia Institute of Technology; minors in marketing, social psychology and industrial psychology

Occupation: Cookier and owner at CaseyMos’s Cookies

How would you describe your perfect Saturday in the Golden Isles? Opening day at the ballpark was always special growing up. There were four of us playing and my dad coaching so those are fun memories there. Now we get to share the tradition with our boys. The parade ending at the ballpark is so unique, and a perk of small-town living. It’s such a great opportunity to see friends, old and new, and enjoy our community. After the games, I may try and squeeze in a tennis match with my favorite “Quaran-team” or most likely meet up with friends at the beach. For dinner, Eric and I may leave the boys with my mom and sneak out to the Georgia Sea Grill. We love to sit in the bar area and cross our fingers Dr. Gowen is on the piano. It’s always a treat to see what farm-to-table dishes Zack’s crew has created.

A local you admire: A local I admire (and hope to see soon!) is Star Wheeler. Mrs. Wheeler was my world history teacher at Glynn Academy. She just has this magnetic personality and has a way of telling stories. We all learned so much in her class and then she would take a trip to Europe during the summers with the students. I know she has taken hundreds of students over the years, from all the schools in the area. What a gift to be able to make history come alive, especially when it’s many students’ first time leaving the country. She even took a group of us to Selma, Ala. It’s one thing to hear about Dr. King’s march, and another to actually see where it was. I know she is beloved by so many of her former students.

What inspired you to start CaseyMo Cookies? My mama, Cathy Dart, was definitely my inspiration for learning to bake. Growing up she was always making beautiful cakes and cookies. My nickname from my dad is CaseyMo, and it seemed perfect for my business. CaseyMo’s Cookies has been my creative outlet. I love creating unique designs for fun occasions. With COVID last year, many in-person events stopped. I had to pivot. The DIY cookie decorating boxes have been a great way for parents to create with their children without all the hassle of mess and prep. It’s been a highlight of the year when customers share photos of their families decorating. To become part of family traditions at holidays has been very special.

What are some of your best baking tips and tricks? Always use a pastry cloth and sock when rolling out cookies, use room temperature ingredients, and don’t stress over a mistake cookie, just eat it!!

Favorite landmarks in the Golden Isles: Anywhere under these Live oaks with the Spanish moss hanging down. It is hauntingly beautiful. The Sidney Lanier Oak as you cross the causeway and head into downtown is majestic and one of my favorites.

What are your go-to methods for winding down after a long day? Walking our puppy, Ollie, and the boys riding bikes down the street is probably my favorite way to unwind. We love our neighborhood, Sea Palms. It’s a great place to raise children.