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Name: Jennifer Daniel

Family: Two daughters, Eloise and Evelyn

Years in the Golden Isles: I worked at The Cloister during the summers of 1996 and 1997. I moved here in 1998 after graduating from Louisiana State University and I have been here ever since. I feel very blessed to call this beautiful place home.

School: Louisiana State University

Occupation: Owner of Polished Peyton. I teach children’s, business and social etiquette to all ages, and I can help with protocol-related issues.

Perfect Saturday with your family: Our perfect Saturday changes with the season but the one thing that is consistent is our love of Sweet Mama’s for breakfast. On a pretty day you can find us at the beach in the morning. Saturday afternoons in the fall are spent watching football and cooking some of my favorite Louisiana foods.

Who or what inspired you to start Polished Peyton Etiquette Essentials? I graduated in 2001 from The Protocol School of Washington, in Washington, D.C., and I have been teaching etiquette ever since. As the years passed, I realized that so much of what I was teaching really came from growing up so close to my grandmothers. My relationship with The Protocol School is invaluable but, the way I teach, the stories I tell, my style and ideas all come from my grandmothers. Both were born in Louisiana. One grew up in New Orleans and the other in Monroe. They were different in many ways but they both loved people, family and the community where they raised my parents. My New Orleans grandmother moved to Monroe when my mom and aunt and uncle were young for my grandfather to open his medical practice. She loves Monroe but that piece of New Orleans never left her. They were both lots of fun – one was very fancy and the other more laid back. Going places with them was always a treat and a learning experience. They each had their own way of entertaining and of making people feel at home. I want everyone to feel comfortable in the situations they find themselves in. Dining, dating, a business lunch, or an important meeting with a client from a different part of the world.

What are some of the most valuable lessons you have learned from owning your own business? Be flexible. Don’t give up if you love what you are doing. You can never be too thankful.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job? I love teaching and all teachers love to see the “light bulb” go off. There is nothing better than having a young person call or stop by to tell you that they got the job, the promotion, the award for this or that. Etiquette tends to be a “scary” word but it’s really just thinking of others and being kind. When people realize that, great things happen.

Favorite holiday tradition: Gosh, there are so many. One that my girls love is our Christmas stocking tradition. When I was little, I would wake up to my Christmas stocking at the foot of my bed. Each gift, no matter how small, was wrapped. We were allowed to open it as soon as we woke up. Santa continued that tradition with my girls – they love it.

A local you admire: This was the hardest question for me. Most people know that I have worked for some amazing local women. Each of them helped shape the person I am today. As much as I love being “Polished Peyton,” the job I love most is being a mom. I have a very tight-knit group of local girlfriends that I have had for over 20 years – I’d have to say they are the group of locals I admire the most. My girls are the youngest of all of our children and I’ve learned so much about being a mother from watching that group raise their children and serve this community. They are each an inspiration to me.