Name: Anthony “Tony” Aloi

Family: Dad, Tony, mom, Tina, and sister, Christine

Years in the Golden Isles: Three

School: Furman University

Occupation: Private chef for Putts and Pans

Perfect Saturday in the Golden Isles: Early breakfast at Palmer’s or Café Frederica, play a couple hours of pickleball, lunch at The Porch, golf on the Plantation Course at Sea Island, beach walk with my puppy, Basil, cook some dinner at home with friends.

Tell us a bit about your career path: I grew up in New Jersey where from the age of about 11 golf was all I wanted to do. I played on the Furman University golf team and when I graduated in 2013 I went professional. After playing professionally for five years I decided to end my full time playing career and get into the golf industry. I was fortunate enough to have an opportunity to be an assistant pro down here at Sea Island and moved down here in January 2019 to begin that career. Cooking had always been a hobby of mine but I had never really cooked for groups of people consistently until I got down here. I started cooking for my friends shortly after and they seemed to enjoy the food and not having to cook themselves so I kept at it.

What or who inspired you to start Putts and Pans? My friends really pushed me to start a food account, something I really was not into doing at first to be honest. They were (and still are) the most supportive group of people who saw there might be something there well before I did. I owe a great deal of the success of the page and my cooking career to them for pushing me to create it.

What are some of your goals for 2022? My goals for 2022 would be to grow my business through new recipes and cooking in different places. I also want to get into making more homemade pasta and incorporate that into my cooking events.

Tell us about a few of the most popular dishes you prepare: Most popular dishes are the Gold Grade Wagyu New York Strip steaks they carry at Harris Teeter paired with a homemade chimichurri and pimento cheese mashed potatoes. The most popular pasta dish is any noodle with the vodka sauce!

What is your personal favorite dish to prepare? My favorite dish to make is probably the Wagyu steaks I prepare on the stovetop, especially on a powerful gas range. I also really enjoy making Chicken Parmesan, which was originally the most popular dish by far.