Family: My husband Mack and our extended family spanning four generations on “both sides”. They all enjoy being together, encouraging, and keeping up with one another. This group is overseen by one entitled cat named “Georgia.”

Years in the Golden Isles: 24

School: Drake University, BS and JD

Occupation: Attorney

Tell us about your favorite things to do in your free time: Honestly, if I have free time, I tend to fill it. When I do have a free afternoon or day or more, I’m sharing it somewhere with my husband.

Tell us about how you ended up in the Golden Isles: I fell in love with Mack. That pretty much meant we’d live either here or in Indiana … and that definitely meant here.

Tell us about some of your favorite causes within local community: For decades, my priorities have always been very defined thus my answer lies within these – (1) God; (2) my husband, then family, and (3) professional or civic opportunities and responsibilities. I became involved in our church and in Rotary here, as well as several other civic groups. The list of organizations I’ve served is not short, and through it all I didn’t so much change this island as I loved on it and it changed me.

Devotion to the Lord, giving and doing whatever I can to be supportive or encouraging to others in their faith path would top the list.

I’m an activist for the environment and nature around us … I have far more passion about things God creates and gives to us – than most things man creates.

I do love working with Rotary and adore having many, many Rotary friends – here and literally around the world.

Of local arts – the symphony, individual musicians, the art community, and arts education in our schools from elementary on up – I am a passionate advocate. I know what it meant to grow up learning music and art. Learning the discipline of art. Teaching my mind to function creatively – and even the camaraderie of playing in a large high school band, and the dedication of singing difficult repertoire in top school choirs – we must give that same experience to our children.

Finally, I love our nation, our republic, and I feel an incredibly strong sense of responsibility to give all I can to protect her and lead her forward.

Who is someone within the community who has had an impact on your life, career, or both? There are a number of people who’ve been a huge influence, further encouraged by my husband and new lifelong friends. So, to answer your question, there were many good people here who had my back from the beginning – my husband and new friends who adopted me and introduced me to others, and taught me a bit of Southern style and manners.

First, I arrived here very aware – and wary – of the expression, “We don’t care how you did it up North.” I understood that wasn’t some slam against newcomers – that was a plea by those whose families have lived in Georgia for generations – for new arriving people to take the time to learn and understand the culture, history, and geography of this place before trying to turn it into a copy of wherever it was that you left to come here.

What are some of your future goals? I have no idea where the future will take me, but my goal has always been to not miss a single opportunity, except by specific decision, to try not to do anything that would eliminate an opportunity that might appear one day in the future, and to give each and every challenge I take on, all I’ve got.