123120_Virginia Schlegal

Name: Virginia Schlegel

Family: Joe Schlegel, husband; Cannon Schlegel, 11-year-old son; Hudson, 4-year-old dog, and Maisy, 7-year-old dog (both adopted from our humane

society). I am also fortunate to have both my parents, Helen and Pep Peppiatt, living in close proximity.

Years in the Golden Isles: I have been visiting since I was born, and I have been a full-time resident for 13 years.

School: Ole Miss

Occupation: Executive director of the Humane Society of South Coastal Georgia

Favorite Landmark in the Golden Isles: My favorite landmark would be my home and my neighborhood. It is filled with friends and family that I care about. Most of us have a dog and or cat and all get along.

A local I admire: There are so many people in this community l admire, it’s hard to choose just one. Robin and Davis Love are a couple I admire because of their dedication to helping worthy causes in the Golden Isles.

What are some of your goals for the humane society goals for 2021? As always, our goal is to continue finding loving homes for animals. We will also continue to operate our facility in a way that is safe for our staff and visitors. A vital part of our goal is to increase transports from open admission facilities (high kill), encourage volunteering and fostering, spaying and neutering, and giving the highest quality of medical treatment to animals in our care.

As a working mother, what are some of your personal goals? My goal is to continue the vital work the humane society does while also being available and present for my family.

Share with us some of your family traditions for ringing in the new year: One of my favorite holiday traditions is to play white elephant gift exchange and I always steal. But whatever we do, my friends and family always ring in the New Year with love, laughter, and loads of fun. We look forward to the challenges and blessings the New Year brings.

As 2020 closes what have you learned about yourself and this community? I’ve learned that this is an incredible community. People have given wholeheartedly wherever it was needed. The support I’ve seen, both big and small, is heartwarming. I’m honored to live here and be a part of it all.

Tell us about one of your favorite dishes? I’m a terrible cook, can burn or overcook just about anything, including boil-in-the-bag rice. However, every Christmas I make a mean green bean casserole and for the most part, never burn it.