Douglas M. Klinowski


Family: Married to Laura Paige Klinowski (Dr. Slack) and three daughters, Isabel, age 5, Ivy, age 3, and Indie, age 18 months Years in Golden Isles: Born and raised on Saint Simons, left after high school and returned in May 2019 to raise our children in paradise. School: Little Red School House, St. Francis Xavier Catholic School, Glynn Academy (Class of ’95), University of Alabama – B.S. in Health Care Management Occupation: Multi-business owner (mostly healthcare-elated businesses), latest venture being Imber Medical of St. Simons Island. Tell us about Imber Medical and its mission: Imber’s mission is to spark imagination into the possibilities, improve youthful appearance, and inspire all into a greater state of health. Imber Medical is an anti-aging and aesthetics clinic that focuses on natural, effective and long-lasting treatments for those looking to regain a more youthful self, both inside and out. What are some tips for managing fitness and diet during the holidays? Weight loss is a common goal for most of us, especially after the holidays. Managing fitness is a matter of having a healthy muscle to fat ratio. As for my tips over the holidays: Remember your stomach is the size of your fist. Choose to eat smaller portions, more often throughout the day. This will help keep you from being too full, tired and will increase your metabolism. The holidays can be stressful. Stress depletes minerals and vitamins, so during the holidays we may need extra nutrients from green leafy vegetables …not pie. Eating close to the vine is a great rule of thumb. If food comes from a package its likely processed, focus on natural, whole and organic foods. Drinking eight glasses of water daily can help limit hunger and eliminate toxins, a little more when holiday libations are enjoyed. Did you know, the American Heart Association recommends a maximum of 25 grams of sugar for a woman and 37.5 grams for men? It’s OK to indulge over the holidays, but in general the 80/20 rule is best. Eighty percent heathy foods and 20% percent less healthy is good. Regarding exercise, strength training will increase muscle which will burn more calories over time, whereas cardio burns calories while you’re doing it, but the combination is ideal. At the very least, try a 30–40 minute walk daily, during the holiday season.

Favorite landmark in the Golden Isles: The beach. I had a blast while learning a lot of valuable skills and lessons while working on the beach at Barry’s Beach Service, in my youth. The time I spent sailing and kayaking the beautiful waters of the Golden Isles is an experience that I will always treasure. Describe the perfect Saturday in the Golden Isles: Cycling around the island in the morning, playing with my girls in the afternoon and enjoying a nice dinner with my wife in the evening at one of our many favorite SSI area restaurants. It’s great to be home. A local you admire and why? There are so many people that I admire, all for different reasons or at different times in my life. However, Jimmy C. Thornton is the local I most admire when I work to raise my three girls. Jimmy has done a fantastic job raising three girls (my aunts) that, even to this day, view him as the salt of the earth. Hearing the stories of how tough three little girls can be on each other and their parents can be, while Jimmy rarely lost his composure. He serves as a role model, to me, on how to be a great father. Local causes you like to support: Charities are a wonderful thing. Most have great causes and wonderful support. Personally, I have only had the time to volunteer for the beach clean up after the GA/FL weekend. However, I have made sure that Imber has responded to the requests of several local charitable events in the Golden Isles, such as. …The Cabaret that benefits the Coastal Symphony of Georgia, the Blue Jean Ball, to benefit The Humane Society of South Coastal Georgia, and we are looking forward to Wine, Women & Shoes, to support Hospice of the Golden Isles. Frederica Academy fundraisers are also close to our hearts as our oldest daughter attends pre-K and loves her teachers.