Family: Finley (7), Piper (4) and Tanner (4) (daughters), King Evans and Jan Harden Evans (parents) Years in the Golden Isles: 16 years Occupation: I am lucky enough to teach at Oglethorpe Point Elementary School. I am also the author of the “Thankful Fairy.” Who or what inspired you to become a teacher and author? I was inspired by amazing teachers in my life, including my mom. Every teacher showed me love and showed me that I was capable of anything that I set my mind to. I love being a teacher and making sure that every student, that comes in contact with me, feels loved and knows that they are important. Teaching is something that fills my heart with joy. I feel like every student who I have had has taught me as much as I teach them. My hope, each year, is that my students know how important they are and how much I believe in them. Becoming an author was something I never thought I would do, but I found it to be an outlet to teach children to recognize all that they have to be thankful for. Explain your book and its mission: With the “Thankful Fairy,” I want to make thankfulness a priority in the lives of children. I created a book/kit that shows children how to look at a time in their day, week or month and find all that they could be thankful for. The Thankful Fairy is a symbol of helping spread all their thankful thoughts and keep the spirit of thankfulness alive. A local you admire: I would have to say that I admire Cathie Parmelee. Cathie is an amazing artist who illustrated the “Thankful Fairy.” Cathie is so creative and talented. Cathie’s artwork drove the writing of my book and each of her illustrations made my job, as a writer, so much easier. Favorite landmark in the Golden Isles: My favorite landmark in the Golden Isles would have to be Sea Palms Resort and Golf Club. As a child, I heard stories of my grandfather owning the club and my dad being the first golf pro. I grew up feeling like Sea Palms was home. Now I am lucky enough to raise my girls in the Sea Palms community. We love living on the course and going up to the clubhouse to meet friends during the week. The way Sea Palms has transformed within the last year has me so excited for the memories that my family will get to create in the future. Describe a hobby you enjoy away from work: I love playing tennis and golf in my free time. What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving besides your precious daughters? This thanksgiving, I am truly thankful for a happy, healthy life. I know how fortunate I am that I have friends, family and a community that support me and my family. I love living on St. Simons and how the community really rallies around my family in all that we do.