Molly Green


Family: Husband – Frank Green; daughters – Cece, 8, and Tucker, 6

Occupation: Event planner

Years in the Golden Isles: Brand new! Six months

School: Vanderbilt University with a double major in art history and human & organizational development

Describe a perfect Saturday in the Golden Isles: I am well aware how cliché this sounds, but please take into consideration that I have been living in a concrete jungle for almost two decades. So, I would have to say a day at the beach with my family and our new puppy, Monster, is a perfect Saturday for me. I love the beach in hot weather when we can swim all day and build sandcastles. And when it’s cold out I love the tranquility on the beach and walking for miles.

What brought you to the area? Our family spends every summer on Sea Island. We had been thinking about leaving New York for a while (I had been there for 17 years). It was a quality of life decision. We wanted our girls to grow up like Frank and I did with a backyard, being able to ride bikes in the neighborhood and of course, being a part of the culture of southern hospitality. So, we came down for our regular vacation in July and decided to stay!

A local you admire and why: This may be the easiest question – Bryce Vann Brock, co-founder of The Vine. Not only is she one of the most stylish and inspiring women to me, but she’s also one of my closest friends and she’s my cousin. Bryce is a rock star! She is an incredible role model as a female business owner and leader in the community. What she’s done as a female entrepreneur is remarkable and I am so proud of her!! Chicest gal on the island if you ask me!

What is your favorite discovery about the area? Omcore Yoga. I’ve been coming here for ages and I had never taken a class at Omcore. I have been religious for years about taking Marie Artman’s Pilates classes at SSI Pilates Loft (which I still take and love so much!!!). My friend Anne MacLeod suggested I take a hot yoga class with her at Omcore (I was 100 percent not a yoga person) and I’ve been hooked ever since. Tricia Ploeger and her team are amazing!

What is your favorite part of event planning? The day of the event. I love seeing everything that we’ve worked so hard to produce for months come together in one day. It’s even better when it’s a wedding and I get to see the joy in the couple’s faces and know that I was part of their special day.

How did you find your love for event planning? After living in London and studying contemporary art in a post grad program, I fell into a position in development at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta in 2003. (I don’t think I even knew what “development” was at the time.) My first assignment was to produce a gala for our highest-level donors in conjunction with an exhibition from the Musee d’Orsay in Paris. Hermes was our sponsor, and they shipped down all of their beautiful china and Saint Louis crystal for the dinner. They even created an exclusive silk scarf for our event. It was a huge responsibility to take on an event like that, but I loved every minute of it. I continued to plan nonprofit events for the next few years and then I decided to start my own company in New York in 2006, and it has been my passion ever since!

What is your favorite part of living in the Golden Isles? Without a doubt, the slower pace of life! And living at the beach. I love the water.