By: Josie Leavy

Photo by:

Sissy Blanchard


Family: Bob (husband) and our puppy Rigsby, a Schnauzer Yorkie mix we rescued. Years in the Golden Isles: Less than 1. I moved to the area after Thanksgiving last year. However, I was born in Brunswick and went to school through sixth grade before leaving the area in 1983. Occupation: Bob and I recently opened Saltwater, a coastal inspired store and outdoor furniture dealer. Bob and I own and operate the store together. What brought you to the Golden Isles: I married Bob at the Avenue of the Oaks in 2005. And in 2017, we purchased a condo in Sea Palms as an investment. When we sold our business in Sonoma County, Calif., last year, we knew it was time to come back home. A local you admire: From the minute I met Staci Bennett, she was brainstorming ideas about how to help me grow our business. She’s an active community volunteer and organizer, helping make connections among women especially. I’m so glad she walked into Saltwater when it first opened … it’s great to have such a wonderful model for how a newcomer can get involved and make a difference! What are your favorite island elements to see in home decor: While it’s more architectural, I absolutely adore tabby! I grew up in a tabby house and to me, it’s one of the things that make our area of the country unique. Outside of the Low country, it’s unheard of. What is a go-to gift idea that you can get from Saltwater: We carry an amazing line called Dune Jewelry. We send them sand from our beaches and they use it in an array of items from necklaces, bracelets and earrings, to golf ball markers and divot repair tools. It’s the perfect way to carry the Golden Isles with you wherever you are in the world. Favorite landmark in the Golden Isles: Whenever I travel, my favorite part about coming home is cresting the top of the Sidney Lanier bridge and seeing all of the Golden Isles spread out before us!